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 Jan 2019 Kirsten Hunt
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In the End, It will all fit together.
I woke up this morning the crack of dawn and
now I'm yawning as I proceed to ask myself why
why the mess up?
All you had to do was the lineup,
instead you put the clip down and let it sagged.

Dawg, I had big respect for you
but you gonna let it fly.
I tried,
but recently your cut game caught weak
and it hurts.

The other day, you said
"things have changed, it ain't a 10 dollar game
mans have to pay 15 to get a sweet fade"
so I paid.

it's obvious now as
price goes up, performance goes down.
All I get is a messy fade,
and a sagging bearded line.

I think i will have to cut the beard
and let it grow back.
The cut game is an extreme sport,
especially when things go bad
This was an intricate one about a messy cut I got from one of my OG. To me, poetry is fun and I like writing about the smallest thing such as these
 Jan 2019 Kirsten Hunt
 Jan 2019 Kirsten Hunt
i used to judge my beauty by the gap between my thighs
And the visibility of my ribs
one year recovered.
 Jan 2019 Kirsten Hunt
 Jan 2019 Kirsten Hunt
If tears were currency
Then baby, I’d be a millionare
And I’d have spent my fortune on you
i have re-written myself a million times,
tried to find who i am in between lines,
but i’m still clueless.

— The End —