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Oct 2020 · 348
Suicidal Nature
Kirsten Hunt Oct 2020
I wanted to leave.
Maybe fly high into space, reach for a star that as of right now seem so distant.

Can I fly without a spaceship? Maybe just drift into the oxygen-less void and let my eyes blur for a sudden death that in all honesty seems so calm, peaceful even.
Aug 2020 · 413
Kirsten Hunt Aug 2020
Loneliness was never an emotion for me. It was more of... a state of being. Family was always a disappointment, friends were none existent, and what’s a stranger gonna do? I never lived in a life where I felt anything besides lonely that is... until I met you. You were a rose that couldn’t see the beauty of it’s petals, I guess we were alike in that since, because in your eyes I was the perfect women, where in my eyes I was a waste of space.  We spent days, weeks, even months together. I grew to love you and you? You learned that two people could be lonely together. But as my life shows, everything is temporary. And the words “I love you” where just a distant memory.

— The End —