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F/13/WA    I haven't posted in months, but feel free to read through some of the "poems" on here. There are also some great poets you can ...
Keely Newton
16/F/Looking Up At The Stars    **Just a young girl trying to hone her art and creativity** ~~Has an unhealthy addiction to Fall Out Boy~~ ((Musician)) ;;Artist;; //Writer\\
M    Poet, writer, and artist. Follow my website:
Hamed M Dehongi
36/M/Iran    Facebook page: WordPress blog: Blogger blog: Twitter:
16/M/in love.    "When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew."
16/F/Telford    Depression-when your sister dies and you just want to die as well to be with her when you miss her and love her so much.Self ...
Leonardo Shepherd
49/M/America    It came from somewhere unknown, following a shout! Full of trust and confidence in life. A baby a new born! It was me.
17/M    I’m been reading poems for a while now and I think it time for my voices to be heard now.
24/M/Toronto    call me Flip
taylor styles
21/F/NC    mediocre poetry from a mediocre girl
Oh    Feeling my way along the bottom with ink.
18/Unknown    "Now I'm lost in the dark, can you lead me to the ark?" -Marble Hornets Insta: @this.poet.does.not.exist

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