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taylor styles Feb 2019
i always thought that when i was in love i would write beautiful poems
about how i feel
and how beautiful you are to me,
but my mind draws blank with contentness.

no words can fathom what i feel.
i could learn a thousand languages and not a single one could i articulate what my heart holds.
i might delete this??? idk
taylor styles Feb 2019
you told me i was pretty,
but you said i looked prettier on my knees.
taylor styles Jan 2019
i could get high on your soft giggles,
and your hazel eyes.
taylor styles Jan 2019
my poor soul is so tired and drained.
taylor styles Jan 2019
i dream to make art as beautiful as you are.
taylor styles Jan 2019
i fear that i will be blind in love,
see only what i want,

i have made my own mistakes in love,
but i hope to god you won’t be one.
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