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I can't see  women cry so,
they take advantage of me.
 Sep 2018 Declan Quinn
Özcan Sh
She was beautiful
And dangerous too

We danced under the rain
I fell in love with her fragrance

Her thorns were too sharp
Nobody could touch her body

When the sun shined on her
She began to smile at me

She was my beautiful flower
And I never let her dry out for a day
 Sep 2018 Declan Quinn
I still dream of my father
crossing the pastures
on his one-eyed tractor
mowing acres of sorrow
heading east of a moon
that'll be gone tomorrow
turning one last time as
if to say: so long my son
there’s going to be days
of sunshine and plenty
more of rain as he went
along his way, and my
sadness waved back like
grain in fields of long past
summers and summers
before that, so long a time
ago I can remember only
on lonely nights of heat
lightning and the low
rumble of distant thunder.
A nice surprise on this Monday evening.  Thank you all very much for your reading and very nice comments. Please know that I appreciate all of you and your kind words. Thank you.

* To Ravinder Kumar Soni: Opinion entitled to and noted. Thanks for taking the time to read.
When she left I wanted to die,
But inside I was already dead,
As I'd run and hide--
With every poem that I'd shred,
I'd get really high every night,
And smoke pack after pack of cigarettes--
As it's been with only her on my mind,
My heart no longer resides in my chest,
For since she has left,
All I've wanted to do is die,
But inside I was already dead
 Jun 2018 Declan Quinn
 Jun 2018 Declan Quinn
i've run out of poetry,
and now all i'm left with
is gray.

gray surroundings,
gray people.
i'm lost in a world
that's lost in itself.

i can't find the words
to even say what i'm feeling,
because all i see is confusion
staring right back at me.

i'm in a room full of mirrors,
my own reflection
not appearing
because i've lost myself
in the depths of my thoughts.

please find me,
someone, anyone,
i'm gasping for air
that's not even there.

no one understands,
yet you're all here to listen.

there's only one problem.

i can't find the words-
i've run out of poetry.
my solution to having writer's block but also desperately needing to write at the same time
 Jun 2018 Declan Quinn
Was it my fault this time?
Am I the one that ******* up?
I just got so sick.
I just got so tired.
Your ******* got to me.
You're fake.
You're rude.
You have never proved that you cared.
Only on the good days do we have fun together.
Otherwise you pick on me.
Call me a ***.
Call me too innocent.
Call me too young.
You don't treat me like you do others–
And I think that is because you realized I am not like them.
You realized I don't believe the *******.
I won't play your stupid little games.
I'm not like the other girls.
I don't change for you.
I won't change for you.
Even if it means I have to tell people–
Why I am heartbroken,
Why I haven't smiled,
Or maybe why I smile so much more.
And I will tell them this:
"I smile more, I cry more, and I laugh so much more because of this simple truth: I broke up with my best friend."
#friendbreakup #breakup #smile #laugh #cry # heartbroken #*** #innocent #young
 Jun 2018 Declan Quinn
I lie
 Jun 2018 Declan Quinn
You tell me I won't get in the way.
You say she knows what we are.
You say if it means losing me you,
You won't have her.
I lie–
to you
to myself.
I lie.
I tell myself you aren't lying.
I tell you I believe every word you said.
Because if you ***** me over,
Does it really matter anymore?
What's another family member
Breaking my heart gonna do?
Guests who came said my husband was acting,
Trying to make my life hard.
Ignorant were they.
How could a man act,
Who was not aware of his own
 May 2018 Declan Quinn
 May 2018 Declan Quinn
i'm scared to think about
the tiny flame in my heart that you lit;
that this little flame struggling to exist
will one day cease.

i'm scared to think about
the tiny flame in my heart that you lit;
that this flame will finally burn the wax that
sheltered my heart.

i am scared to think about
the aftermath of the death of our love.

would you gather my ashes and lay flowers beside them?
would you gather my ashes with apathy
for you have thrown them in the trash knowing that
in the candle of another woman's heart
began to burn?
 Oct 2017 Declan Quinn
Lior Gavra
Is it perfect, did I get it right?
Missing pieces, relatable feels.
Sweaty palms, panic, fright.
Heart jumps back, chest reels.

Incomplete, forever it will be,
blinded by the daunting fear.
No one’s work, is mastery,
others judge it, don’t you see?

Self improvement guide’s,
our next steps towards,
the best self versions,
as we move forward.

Waiting for approval,
justified by the few,
who never truly,
understand you.

They say less is more,
but there is more in less,
so how do you choose your words?
To not be left with regret!

My words are for the amateurs,
critics step aside,
together our words will flourish,
together we realize.

Get it out the door, they
say you only live once.
Continue writing more,
go on inspire on!
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