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Decibel Mar 2015
It was spaghettios
When they were good
It wasn't the hood
But broke country with Tom Pettios

Kickin' it like depression
Domestic abuse in a
High rise

No money for bills
Daddy's gonna rob a bank
Make it alright
Two parents, one fight

Only one makes it alive
Courts decide

Oatmeal, daily
There's no surprise
Except fifth birthday
Last time Daddy sings

Now I'll get married
But I don't want
No diamond ring
Decibel Mar 2015
You have no idea who I am
I'm a mystery
With moonlight in my shoes

Masquerading as a scarecrow
Always watching
Decibel Mar 2015
The World is a dreamcatcher
The girls are the rings
Boys the strings
And we'll keep playing

While you trip over the threads
We stay dreaming in our beds
Decibel Mar 2015
Never said was easy
Just over easy head
Stick in you mouth
Brain forgets to how
This ain't ***
                  Just drugs

Colors crawling
Walls tripping on each other
Don't look in the mirror
Are you just like
your mother

Stuck in a bathroom
Scared human

Don't touch that again
Decibel Mar 2015
If I was a Love Song
Everything would be alright
I'd have a man at my side

I'd be on every radio
People would sing the chorus
Till voices were hoarse

Bubbly and pink
Dishes in the kitchen sink

If I was a love song
I'd don't think there'd be a story
2-dimensional and
Totally boring

Housewife, no life
But to love is just to be a *****?
If I was a love song
People would play me,,,

And play me on repeat
But I don't have a heartbeat
Artificial, critical to what we see

I'd be a cliche walking
White girl in stockings
Photoshop Fresh
Dressed to impress...the men

— The End —