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Allowing my heart to plummet into iridescent spiraling tides Dipping my thoughts into iridescent spiraling tides
Trailed my fingers through the cold waters of the mind
Releasing thoughts from the subconscious purposely hidden
That by self-command were long forbidden

Reviving emotions once deliberately struck from thought
The body a pale failing vessel
The faint beat of a frail heart

In my, despair I leaped into the waters of time
Disappearing into gathering memories
Chose not to rise
Preferring a surreal obscure existence
Immersed in rivers of doubt  
At loves insistence

All Rights Reserved @ Tammy M. Darby Dec. 25, 2016
 Dec 2016 David W Clare
fail to admit
you were getting sick
stains on your teeth
from cherry red lipstick
dirt in your nails
picking up sticks
to build a house from the ground
you buried your past self in
marks on your skin
purple and blue
bleed from within
so you look vibrant in hue
your insides burn
like cherry red lipstick
but don't get the same
looks or snippets
your insides are ugly
no matter their coat
please fix them first
before you start to gloat
Please don’t forget about me.
All the adventures that we took, and picnics under our tree.
Please don’t forget about me.
The life that we had planned, and the people that we wanted to be.
Please don’t forget about me.
Our travel dreams, and the beautiful countries we hoped to see.
Please don’t forget about me.
For we belong together, I only wish you’d agree.
Well, there is a place I go to get a bit of quiet. If the night is mellow, I'll turn on some mellow tunes to match it. Oh and, it's soft here. I feel too large for the bed that I spread myself on… You know, if you let yourself walk too deep in thought, you could get lost and at night it's dark on memory lane.
    And then I'm drifting again. I dream of awkward reconciliation, of a confrontation we've already had before. We sit side by side on the sidewalk by some park.
“Take me back”, I'm saying. And she sinks to the floor.
“Dummy", she sighs. "I don't love you anymore”.
I wrote this the 3rd time you broke my heart... or was it the 4th?
we’re always waiting.
we’re always waiting for tomorrow or the next
we’re always waiting for high school to be over
just so we could wait for college to be over
just so we could wait until we’re married
and then we have a family.
so we have our whole life figured out?
but we never stop waiting
we wait for more money
so we can buy more expensive cars
or a bigger house
we wait for vacations off work
because we’re working too **** hard
and somewhere between all this waiting
we seem to miss time passing by
our faces show the sign of it
and kids get taller by every minute
we begin to wonder whats the point
but we wait for even that
we wait until we find the meaning
as if it takes waiting to find
yet we’ll never really find it
and so we’re never satisfied
we assume waiting will fill the emptiness
bring us joys and things we lack
but it only pushes time ahead
and leaves our souls dragging behind
and when our bones become too weak
and our bodies ache for rest
we’ll even wait for that
for the day that is our last
 Dec 2016 David W Clare
endlessly torn between wanting to live forever
and wanting to cease

i know nothing of moderation.
i don’t moderate.
i postulate
and i hesitate

always reaching all the way west
until it is the east

and the world keeps on spinning
Sometimes Dreams die..

Sometimes the fantasies that you create in your mind go to war with reality. And reality wins.

Sometimes the dreams that are fabricated in your thoughts are really just safe, soft places to escape to and can never be made to be tangible.

Sometimes there are forces that halt these selfish desires to hold you out for far more than you imagined.

Sometimes life does you favors, when you think it's sabotaging your dreams and you wake up to realize..that it was all destiny.
Copyright © Natasha Ivory Evans 2016
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