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Dec 2016
we’re always waiting.
we’re always waiting for tomorrow or the next
we’re always waiting for high school to be over
just so we could wait for college to be over
just so we could wait until we’re married
and then we have a family.
so we have our whole life figured out?
but we never stop waiting
we wait for more money
so we can buy more expensive cars
or a bigger house
we wait for vacations off work
because we’re working too **** hard
and somewhere between all this waiting
we seem to miss time passing by
our faces show the sign of it
and kids get taller by every minute
we begin to wonder whats the point
but we wait for even that
we wait until we find the meaning
as if it takes waiting to find
yet we’ll never really find it
and so we’re never satisfied
we assume waiting will fill the emptiness
bring us joys and things we lack
but it only pushes time ahead
and leaves our souls dragging behind
and when our bones become too weak
and our bodies ache for rest
we’ll even wait for that
for the day that is our last
Elle Clohessy
Written by
Elle Clohessy  20/F
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