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cloh Oct 2021
A soft soul cannot be broken
Like how a blanket cannot fall from your hands
and shatter upon impact with the ground
It only changes form

A soft soul falls and sinks into the Earth so that
the limbs intertwine with the roots of trees
Soon it's hard to tell which is which
once they become one

To be lost underneath the Earth can get lonely
But in darkness, specks of Light cast stars behind the eyes
Maybe real or imaginary
In that Light, the soul knows its source

A soft soul finds balance
Lets the trees pull their feet further under
And yet fly through the mind's galaxy
Lost in its own reality
Not looking to be found
cloh Sep 2021
I am happy that time flies
Cause then I can think of time as the bird
I watch from my balcony
Stopping by here and there
to say hello
Then taking flight
to remind me he doesn't belong to me
I know we can be friends
when I hear him chirp as I sit inside
As if he's telling me to come sit with him
But he is not a tangible creature
and would take flight once again
If I ever tried to reach for him
cloh Sep 2021
The book will come in five days  
I wish had bought it five days ago
So that I could have it in my hands right now
But I am grateful that five days from now
I can say I’m glad that I bought it today
something simple
cloh May 2020
Peace is the boredom I take for granted
I let hours pass through a blank wall
while whispers of guilt dance in my mind
I'm not asking for more time
I'm asking for something to do
Because in the midst of vacancy
It still isn't enough
cloh Sep 2019
It's poetry
When you look at me
and I can't help but wish
forever I can stay

When time stands still
maybe I'll find peace
But tomorrow has no patience for today
cloh Jul 2019
Well both be gone one day
Tell me why does that scare you?
Cause it’s the only certain thing you know
In a life that can’t prepare you?
cloh Dec 2018
In the distance I heard singing
a quiet empty hymn
In the daylight I saw shadows
Nice to see you, how’ve you been  
You walk me through your garden
While I hide from you my sins
I know I said I wouldn't come back  
but here we are again

I know it barely is enough
but its everything I have
to stand here waiting patiently
for you to let me in
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