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Searching for shooting stars on the hood of my car
Music blaring in the background
Feeling content in the moment
Yet I wish you were back now

Life gets easier the longer you’re gone
But I’ll never forget about the things that went wrong
Sometimes I wish I could fix it
Life isn’t the same without you
In it

I guess I need to have faith that everything happens for a reason
And life changes like the seasons
Fall, spring, summer, winter...
No matter what I just wish you were still here
Part 4 of a drunk series
Chain smoking in the car
Life’s hard
But I’m livin large
Just tryna make a means
I don’t know what all this means
So all I can do is try to live my life
In the best way, sometimes I know it ain’t right
Bad habits and good times
Just may be the death of me
But all I’m lookin for is the light
Because this world just doesn’t seem right

I know there has to be more
Than simply black and white
Part 3 of a drunk series
Chillin down by the river
A good life ain’t hard to find
When you’re in that state of mind
To leave your old life behind

Same old soul but different life
Never imagined I’d find this path
But the road less traveled
Was something to have

I found my own way
Looking for the bright side
And in the long run
I just wanna be happy when I die
Part 2 of a drunken series
Lying on the hood of my car
Down by the river
Scared of bears maybe
But baby I’d rather go back in time
Back to the good old days when things were fine
The moments when I lived so care free
Just soaking up the good life
Should’ve let it be
Could’ve appreciated the little things
A little more
If I could go back I actually wouldn’t change a minute of it
Except for the fact that you’re far above us
Somewhere in another dimension but I’m too drunk to recollect
What I’m even doing

What is life
What is death
And why are we stuck in between?
I don’t know what it means to me
I just know I’ve gotta keep breathing
Part 1 of a drunken series
Summer’s gone
But was it ever really here?
All the months of white and snow
While the sun was never near.

And who were you?
This shadow in disguise —
Tried to let it happen
But it was just another lie.

There’s nothing left to do
But do what I can
I’ve given my all and lost some more
and in the end
It just leaves off where it began
Danielle Bluejay Nov 2018
Almost two years have gone by
Yet I still think about you all the time
Even after you broke that door down
My mind seems to keep wandering
Back around
Sticks and stones
They didn’t break my bones
But the bruises left a permanent scar
On my heart
Now I have to learn how to trust again
Tell me why I’m still wondering
Where you’ve been
Could we begin again?
Hell no
I would never let you back in
Even when you break the door down
On me
I’m still fighting to believe
That there’s better people
But oh, you and your ego
You sure left a mark on me

You sure left your mark on me
Danielle Bluejay Oct 2018
26 and still kicking
I can’t thank anyone
But the universe
That decided
That I’m worth keeping
At least for another day

It’s hard for me to say
How I feel day by day
But it in the long run
We will all be gone
When the time comes

So you work your 9 to 5
But I’ll be alright
I’m not living the best life
But I’ll get by

At least I have the mountains
That are so old
But they get me
And they bring me peace
Among tragedy
Politics, hatred and greed
In the long run it truly doesn’t affect me
But for my nieces and nephews
I hope for release

Dark days will come
But if you look at the moon
You will see
That It’s all just energy
You can not destroy it
Nor will you receive
Energy that
Ceases to be
The best poems are the ones you write in 2 minutes because it’s from the heart
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