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The key to happiness
held irretrievable
for the lock
   is an illusion
on the prison
imagined by
True happiness comes from the heart.
I reminisce on those opulent times
for now they are memories

I look back to see the shadow
of what was once there

now gone forever
A tree in a sublime field

A slumber thickening warmth

The amber sap glistens
This is a Haiku I enjoyed writing. We are all a part of nature. We grow inside, constantly changing, gaining strength. A beautiful strong tree stands out in an empty field.
The dark sense of loneliness
The feeling of emptiness
Somewhere light cannot escape
Bear the burden of the pain you caused

Lies spill out your eyes and mouth
Persuading treachery on us all
Those who choose to follow
Choose to skin others from their true selves

We cannot live without each other
But we cannot live with each other
The days sweep by as I imagine freedom
Freedom from the cages where we keep ourselves

Elements of life wait beyond the gates
To where we cannot find them
Seek the entrance to the realm
Where you shall live forever

Redemption lies within
Leave the hatred behind the walls
For true prosperity must be found
May we meet again old friend
War the death bringer
Acts of destruction
Man causes genocide
As humankind tears apart

Nature brings life
It brings peace and knowledge
Man is oblivious to this fact
As man is too occupied causing pain

Split apart
But we are all the same
Stupidity smells upon our kind
As the cause of War is man
A lost bird
No flock for protection
Strong you must stay
For the storms that await

A beautiful dove
Oblivious to your reflection
Fearing everything
Without a mate

You’re soul soars
High above the sea
Hiding from the storms
And the reflection you refuse to see

Look inside for where the key lies
To harmony with peace
You’re beauty is masked by pain
You can’t fly away

You fear the winds of the storm
You don’t know why
From the unknown
Your story waits to be told

The winds will take you
Help you soar forever
Find peace in the storm
For the storm lies within

Let it out and begin
A new way to life
Be beautiful and soar
For the storm disappears with light
Coming by each passing second
The oblivion of ticking clocks
To want, to love, to hate

Hard to breath
Paralyzed at the sense of reality
The darkness sweeps across my eyes
Preserving my soul for you

Within the darkness realization occurs
That your best companion is there for you
Branding the name, Nobody
Nobody, The one who submits to yourself

To live, to die
To love, to hate
Nobody. nobody.
darkness inside booms
echoing through the hallow shell called human

Binding me
The cure for nobody awaits from you
your love, my remedy

Nobody, is no longer there for me
For you shine through the darkest nights
Piercing my hallowed spirit giving me life
you give me your all, expecting the least

All of you
part of me
i’ll never want again
for you have taken that title

I want you
the hatred for nobody
fate awaits through the hidden reality
that nobody was just you
and nobody will ever be you
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