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lex Dec 2020
nothing feels exactly right
for i rush between the days

it's hard to see your future's bright
when it's muddled in so many ways
nothing feels exactly real anymore?
lex Dec 2020
Find two best friends
with one common link
Add the stresses of a nation
that can fall in a blink
A flag’s in there, too,
with more meaning than you’d think
One that wears down in time,
that makes your heart sink.

Add the influence of another
one with the power to disrupt
A touch of manipulation,
a touch of corrupt.
Mix it together,
you’ll find it won’t be smooth
But nothing can help this,
not a hand nor a tool.

Now separate those best friends,
place them miles apart,
all because of bad actions
made at the start.
Assure those friends miss
the times that they had,
but keep them apart,
keep them feeling sad.

Eventually, one will begin to rise,
and then, you’ll want to twist
your words need be like silk,
but need hurt like a punch with a fist.
Soon, you’ll see, the rising one will grow
but with all bad feelings,
with good feelings, no!

It’s now just how you want it,
he’ll begin to bubble
he’ll become more rash,
he’ll get in more trouble
Then finally, he’ll snap, and your work here is done
You’ve created a villain,
now you’d better run.
this is based off a storyline in a minecraft roleplay yes i am embarrassed lol
lex Oct 2018
Skin so soft
Smile so big
We hold hands
And are happy

You radiate happiness.

Although we're just friends
You are the best thing to happen to me.
Someone you can love platonically is the best thing ever.
lex Aug 2018
from up so high
the sound of waves and the wind in my hair

they calm me
and i wisp away to another dimension.
lex Jun 2018
this feeling won't fade
you've gone; i must accept this
somehow, it's all wrong
lex Jun 2018
you and i are done
i thought we'd be forever
and boy, was i wrong.
lex May 2018
i miss her
like you do
when someone dies

except she is not dead,
her beauty lives on,
she lives on

it is simply
how she feels about me
that is dead.
we broke up that decent rainy day.
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