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Mar 2021 · 87
lex Mar 2021
on the tip of my tongue
those three little words
they don't have to be big
but i dont have the courage

is it too soon?
it's been but a week
but i'm ninety percent sure
that these feelings aren't bleak

still, i hold it in
i'm a dam for my feelings
instead i'll stay home
and stare at the ceiling

it's painted with words
i've not said to you
but one day i'll have courage
to say 'i love you'
i'm in what they call the best part of a relationship—the beginning. it feels so nice but what do i do?
Jan 2021 · 224
lex Jan 2021
we are on opposite ends
of opposite worlds
of opposite universes.

i've never met someone
as different as you are from me.

normally, opposites attract,
but right now, i could not be more repulsed.
my brother isn't the best soul. i wish our relationship was better, but it's not, and i'm not sure i can do anything about it.
Dec 2020 · 135
lex Dec 2020
can't be put through the same thing again
i need a little change.

can someone or something come along
so that i can be free?
every week is the same, just slightly different. i am going mad
Dec 2020 · 164
lex Dec 2020
my eyelids heavy
i try to lift dead weight i
was not destined for
lil haiku
Dec 2020 · 62
lex Dec 2020
it's not until now
that i've finally understood
the feeling of loneliness
in a crowded room.

these people know nothing about me
because i give them nothing
because i don't know how
to give them something.

but it's okay.
i'll sit in the sidelines
watching everyone get along
while i feel lonely in this crowded room.
i am just a background character in my own **** life
Dec 2020 · 80
curled up
lex Dec 2020
there is something about the melancholy
i haven't felt in so long
that is so inviting

like picking needles from haystacks
i search for it, almost.
why is that so?
why must i search for sadness?
the feeling is so inviting. it lures me in to stay
Dec 2020 · 982
lex Dec 2020
slow mornings are my favorite
for i can simply stare out the window,
drink coffee,
and think.

whether it be cloudy or sunny,
it's always nice to bask in the low light.
the sun streams through the window with an orange glow and i wish nothing but to stand in it forever
Dec 2020 · 361
past, present, future
lex Dec 2020
nothing feels exactly right
for i rush between the days

it's hard to see your future's bright
when it's muddled in so many ways
nothing feels exactly real anymore?
Dec 2020 · 218
lex Dec 2020
Find two best friends
with one common link
Add the stresses of a nation
that can fall in a blink
A flag’s in there, too,
with more meaning than you’d think
One that wears down in time,
that makes your heart sink.

Add the influence of another
one with the power to disrupt
A touch of manipulation,
a touch of corrupt.
Mix it together,
you’ll find it won’t be smooth
But nothing can help this,
not a hand nor a tool.

Now separate those best friends,
place them miles apart,
all because of bad actions
made at the start.
Assure those friends miss
the times that they had,
but keep them apart,
keep them feeling sad.

Eventually, one will begin to rise,
and then, you’ll want to twist
your words need be like silk,
but need hurt like a punch with a fist.
Soon, you’ll see, the rising one will grow
but with all bad feelings,
with good feelings, no!

It’s now just how you want it,
he’ll begin to bubble
he’ll become more rash,
he’ll get in more trouble
Then finally, he’ll snap, and your work here is done
You’ve created a villain,
now you’d better run.
this is based off a storyline in a minecraft roleplay yes i am embarrassed lol
Oct 2018 · 146
lex Oct 2018
Skin so soft
Smile so big
We hold hands
And are happy

You radiate happiness.

Although we're just friends
You are the best thing to happen to me.
Someone you can love platonically is the best thing ever.
Aug 2018 · 151
seventeenth floor.
lex Aug 2018
from up so high
the sound of waves and the wind in my hair

they calm me
and i wisp away to another dimension.
Jun 2018 · 319
heartbroken haikus #2
lex Jun 2018
this feeling won't fade
you've gone; i must accept this
somehow, it's all wrong
Jun 2018 · 275
heartbroken haikus #1
lex Jun 2018
you and i are done
i thought we'd be forever
and boy, was i wrong.
May 2018 · 265
i miss her
lex May 2018
i miss her
like you do
when someone dies

except she is not dead,
her beauty lives on,
she lives on

it is simply
how she feels about me
that is dead.
we broke up that decent rainy day.
May 2018 · 181
lex May 2018
i thought i knew
what it was like to be afraid

that was until
i heard the bone-chilling voice
of someone who hurt me.

i ran faster than ever,
i locked my door,
and i sat there, shaking violently.

this is what he's done to me.
that ******* of a boy.
based on true events.
May 2018 · 182
the truth
lex May 2018
the weight on my chest has been lifted.
i may not be fully happy today, or tomorrow,
but i know that at least
i told someone something
before i would face never being happy again.
May 2018 · 112
lex May 2018
small, low buzz

let myself
go numb for a while
in the warm waters

close my eyes
lose the ability to feel
Mar 2018 · 171
lex Mar 2018
there's something about
old, repressed memories
that makes them want to emerge
from our bodies, minds, and souls.

if you're brave enough, go ahead.
open a scrapbook, a photo album,
play those old songs you listened to as a kid,
do things because you want to remember.
i had the courage to look through old things. lots of tears.
Feb 2018 · 439
what love does
lex Feb 2018
god, i've dove in deep
to the waters of love
and now i can't think a thought of her
without my heart fluttering
and me feeling so happy.

what have you done to me, love?
i like love.
Feb 2018 · 538
i love her.
lex Feb 2018
it feels crazy
how much i love her
how much i want to be with her forever
and how much i want to break the distance between us.

she is everything to me,
and i want her to know
that i love her so, so much.
young and in love.
Feb 2018 · 209
lex Feb 2018
i feel almost
like that one night
where I sunk
down, down, down.
i'm sad.
Feb 2018 · 266
lex Feb 2018
my heart hurts
i don't know what to do
the sensation of sadness runs warm within me
and i am left, in bed, alone, as i'm left with my thoughts.
sadness envelopes me.
Feb 2018 · 678
i love you.
lex Feb 2018
when you typed those words
"we have all the time in the world",
i became so happy
that tears made their way out of me.

i love you.
i love her very much.
Feb 2018 · 257
lex Feb 2018
what an understatment
it is
to say i am utterly worried
about you
and your perpetual sadness.

i want so badly
to turn that frown
upside down
but your lips
seem stuck in an
Dec 2017 · 1.1k
lex Dec 2017
think of yourself
like a
if you
go out,
your scent
for a
long time.
inspired by a lingering candle scent.
Dec 2017 · 246
lex Dec 2017
i know that
in the past i've
said that
love could not heal
nor help me
but now i
believe i've been
she's a special girl.
Dec 2017 · 245
melting away
lex Dec 2017
the scent of the winter-esque candle
spreads through the air
like a thick heavy fog
the heat laps upward
as do the flames
and the wax melts away
as does my stress.
candles are so nice.
Dec 2017 · 278
lex Dec 2017
the words
on the rough page
capture my attention
more than anything else in the world.
i just spent five hours reading.
Dec 2017 · 254
lex Dec 2017
and i
are the crash
and bang
of two cars
going 150 miles per hour
on the open road
that is represented by our hearts
have you ever heard of the phrase
your eyes are bigger than your stomach
well, imagine that

but with us.
our hearts are too big
for our eyes to see
how corrupted this little thing is

and that is destroying us
not based on a true story.
Nov 2017 · 554
lex Nov 2017
lips long for lips
like the sea longs for sky
like hearts long for love
like candles long for burning
and i long for you
just as much.
Nov 2017 · 189
summer love
lex Nov 2017
all it takes
is one kiss
to fall in love

to say this
is quite wrong
what is found in love,
to me, is

entangled limbs
as skin pleads for skin

kisses in the morning
and the afternoon

falling asleep upon a
rising and falling chest

and much, much more.

Nov 2017 · 303
lex Nov 2017
candle wax drips
onto my soft hands
burning through,
it seems

but after a while,
i do not flinch
for the pain has become bearable,
feels good, even.
Nov 2017 · 229
lex Nov 2017
my eyelids still heavy
with the memory of crying,
i only let more tears
make their way down my face.
life lesson: life is hard.
Oct 2017 · 220
a person
lex Oct 2017
i didn't think
a person could heal my pain
and my opinion
still stands
how can people help people when they're flawed themselves?
Oct 2017 · 326
lex Oct 2017
eyelids get droopy
as work gets slowly completed
tired, as it is
but i've got 3 more assignments

i shouldn't be tired
but i am,
i must do this quickly

eyelids can and
will crack
under pressure
especially if that
pressure is
Oct 2017 · 275
lex Oct 2017
my idol
makes me so incredibly happy
since i aspire to be like her
and i know very well
that that might not happen
my thoughts are flooded with
and even more tears want to come
because i aspire
but know
it probably won't happen
it's hard to love someone, even without knowing them.
Oct 2017 · 282
lex Oct 2017
eyelashes damp,
i listen to the music
and my thoughts
and the wonderful words you've sent
to me
to try and calm me
but all of it is so overwhelming
and tears rush down
there are sometimes too many sounds going around
Oct 2017 · 214
lex Oct 2017
thorns close in on my heart
causing a pain in my chest
almost unbearable
i just want my thoughts to stop
i want all this pressure to go away
i want my friends to listen
i want everything i don't have.
stress at 12:30 AM.
Oct 2017 · 282
lex Oct 2017
i sort of feel unneeded
'cause it seems that no one cares
and by no one, i mean the friends
who i thought cared
but now i'm not so sure.

one apparently cannot stand me
ranting to her

another seems quite bored

and some i can't trust enough

but still, i can't help feeling
unneeded there.
some friends may not be true friends.
Sep 2017 · 377
lex Sep 2017
the golden horizon
reminds me of
the times we stayed awake
till dawn
and talked
you always had a way of cheering me up
Sep 2017 · 243
lies and truths
lex Sep 2017
i sit here
dysphoria within me
plaguing me like a sickness
i wish everything they said was true
but people are people
and people lie
there's nothing i can do
about the lies people make
the lies that tell me anything is possible
should be replaced with
the truth that life is life
and that you don't get what you want
the lies that tell me to dream
should be replaced with
the truth that dreaming gets you nowhere
and dreaming can hurt
and the lies that tell me to pursue my hurtful dreams
should certainly be replaced with
the truth
that being anything i want from a figment of imagination
is not possible
and that the world lies.
it's not fair how the world and society itself feeds us lies when we're children
we grow up with this mindset and get crushed when we find out we have to make money
and do this until we're old.
Sep 2017 · 304
lex Sep 2017
what's funny is that
they tell you
you can do anything in life
but when you tell them
what you want to do
they laugh at you and say
you don't have the tiniest chance
people themselves are hypocrites
it seems that if
you think you can do anything
you're a fool
and don't deserve
to ever think anything of the sort
apparently, society tells you what you want to do, not yourself.
Sep 2017 · 394
lex Sep 2017
balloons slip
hand out of hand
childhood slips
away from you
Sep 2017 · 2.2k
lex Sep 2017
everyone and everything
around me is whirling
i can't look a certain way
without my vision swirling
i need to go lay down
but i can't and i won't
i need to stay strong
i need to stay afloat
the hierarchy is difficult.
Sep 2017 · 1.4k
black plague
lex Sep 2017
are the black plague
and i
have caught
your disease

but this black plague
is lovely and wonderful
because this black plague
is attraction
towards you.
diagnosis: black death of love
Sep 2017 · 214
lex Sep 2017
my heart is crashing
and i can't do anything
about it
you're making me feel so many emotions
i can't even keep count
Sep 2017 · 221
lex Sep 2017

red white blue
hanging outside
house is a home
as long as you call it
if you don't
it's not the one for you
i'm not sure what this poem is but i kind of like it.
Sep 2017 · 247
lex Sep 2017
this blanket
you used
when you came over
now smells of you.

it smells good.

i know because i've wrapped it around me,
hoping to preserve its scent.
you smell so nice
i don't know how to describe it
but you smell so nice.
Sep 2017 · 335
lex Sep 2017
i'm almost sure
the times we're close
are just platonic to you

but to me
when we're close,
so close we touch
i feel fireworks explode in my stomach
and butterflies flutter away

and when you held my hand those two times (so far)
yours were so warm
and they caused me
to warm up with them

it's all platonic, though

but i'm still fine with that
i think a crush might form from this.
Sep 2017 · 369
lex Sep 2017
the pang in my chest
for no reason
may be telling me
i'm falling again.

falling for you.
i'm quite confused right now and it's because of you
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