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 May 17
Alyssa Underwood
LORD, draw my dross up to the surface
purifying me for Your eternal purpose.
As You turn refining heat up higher
please set my love for You on fire!
 Apr 21
Cynthia Jean
Time to turn to God.

We must take a stand.

Be silent no more!

The silent are complicit,  weak,  and  cowardly.

Be brave, bold and courageous.

God has not given us a spirit of fear,  but power,  love,  and a sound mind.

Fear is demonic.

The "powers that be" (not Powers...have ears to hear) are suffocating this nation with a spirit of fear ( think about it...the healthy are under house arrest... and voluntarily ...

We are under the ******* of the lies of the box and the tellers of tales!

My brothers and sisters

I plead with you now

We all need to





(And no more spewing of  hatred !!... we have become a nation of haters...and where does that come from?)




Cynthia Jean
April 21, 2020
 Apr 11
Sy Lilang

One of these faded nights,
I got awaken with revelations over my pillows.
I heard something I longed to compare
With something’s already present.

It was actually last night,
But my eyes were still shut
So I can’t recognize if it’s a dream or not.

It’s not a sweet sound
Nor a horrific one
It’s not even as long as my breathing per second,
Not even as short as the whisper of the wind.

But to recall —
I was liked, “Is this the time?”
I’ve heard it but I was not sure where it came from,
I was never sure if I truly woke up or not.

So today, it was different
But I’ve got reminded of God’s promises
That He’s coming back so soon —
So soon that one will no longer his/her name.
 Apr 11
Sy Lilang

There’re trees in the backyard,
And they remind me of a Truth,
That You‘re the vine and we’re the branches
And so here we remain in You and You in us,
You bear us the fruit of wisdom,
For nothing, we cannot do apart from You.

There’re fruits in the table,
And among it, I found one who’s sweet,
It tastes good in my soul,
Oh, it gives me inner peace.
What a delight it is to have confidence in You
That even in bitter days, my taste’s become better.

There’re birds outside the window,
And here they’ve found shade for awhile..
The curtain welcomes and we share the same air,
Just like how the same rain pours into good and the bad,
The God who whispers strength to the weak,
Is the same God who humbles the proud.

There’re fishes among different oceans
But only a fisherman knows how to bait them right,
As when Jesus called his disciples
He called them by their names they didn’t even mention.
He saw what’s inside them, what others’ outlook
And that’s how You save and keep saving.

Everything in this world is temporary
But those temporary things magnify one Name,
They speak one Truth and never contradicts
As wisdom runs unto the veins of the lost.
As Your sheep, we hear You call
The beauty of Your words becomes refreshment to our souls
We are alive in Your whispering,
And we hear You shouting over every misery.
 Apr 11
Sy Lilang

In this world, all fall short of Your glory
No man has ever seen You
You sent Your servants for us to know You
Yet You reveal Yourself to those who truly seek You.
No man can’t fake himself,
We are naked before You —
You know our darkness,
You know how to save.

We’ve known you in while we were still sinners,
And Your love brought transformation
For we’re surrounded by You..
Your wrath is what we truly deserved
Yet You so loved us and You keep on loving —
Loving us that You saved us.

You don’t deserve our punishment,
You don’t deserve the wrath of the Father,
Yet You yourself died for our salvation,
You died to satisfy His righteousness,

Oh holy, holy, holy are You!
And when we say holy,
There is nothing like You!
You are magnified in the Heavens
And here we are praising You
On earth which is Your footstool.

Who can stand against You?
Your grace is just so sufficient
More than how we breathe the air
And we’re satisfied..
Who can rule more than You?
For in Your uptight hands, You hold us together.

Who can separate us from You?
Your Words are written in our hearts
May we not sin against You..
You're more than good,
There’s no better replacement —
I mean, You really can’t be replaced.
 Mar 20
Cynthia Jean
My Word for you

is My Love.

It fills you up


No room
for fear.


Fix your eyes
on Me.



Return to Me.
Rend your hearts.


I will hear
and heal your  land.

Cynthia Jean
March 19, 2020

Today is the first day of  spring!
 Mar 20
Cynthia Jean

are big enough

to carry

it all.

Yours aren't.

Give it all

to Me.

Cynthia Jean

February 8, 2020
 Mar 16
Sy Lilang
I hear You
As the morning rays kiss the window sills,
As I awake while my bed sheets
Are no longer on my skin.

I hear You
As the last drop of water runs in my ear,
Like anointing on my head  —
As a lamb waits for his master’s hands.

I hear You
As the birds keep chirping as they glide,
Some flies high while some stays on trees,
But both of them never worry what to eat.

I hear You
As the moon boasts its fullness
I was mesmerized by its glory,
And so he arise at night, no darkness is hidden.
 Feb 9
Cynthia Jean
Oh help me
to relinquish
all that I
cling to
that I might
all You created me
to be.

Cynthia Jean

February 8, 2020
 Feb 1
Never give up on finishing your Journey here never.
Just stop for an quick moment and Pray to God above.
To strengthen you , so that you shall not let him down.
Ask him to lighten your heavy burden that weighs you down.
So that you will become refresh and be able to keep going.
For the important thing is to finish the race and to be used by God.
To help those that in your path to keep moving toward finish line.
To be used by God even in the hardest of struggles here on the earth.
Because it is not suppose to be on our strength overcoming here.
But the strength that directly comes from God the Father himself.
 Sep 2019
Into the Storm,  I fall in order to die once more to self.
Into the Storm, God has place me again to humble me.
Into the Storm, for this is my learning ground here.
Into the Storm, I live each day until I repent of sin.
In the midst, I must face the evil that I have unleashed.
In the midst, I must face the truth of all that has happened.
In the midst, I shall stay till I have become an changed man.
In the midst, I shall allow Christ to transform me today.
Out of the Storm, an much stronger warrior I am now.
Out of the Storm , Christ allows since I am humbled now.
Out of the Storm, I am now since I finally living in Gods will.
Out of the Storm, I am now and my life has completely changed.
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