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Camila Vitrei Mar 2018
Out of nowhere, I am.
Seed of spontaneity.
From deep darkness, I lift.
Yet the downward spiral,
Leads to myself.
Until I feel, the heat of love.
Nurturing me. Taking care of me.
So I unveil my beauty, to me true love. Shining. Above.
But I cannot reach. Yet.
So for now,
I rise, I rise, I rise
Camila Vitrei Mar 2016
The universe is an extended flag,
Camila Vitrei Mar 2016
Deep into your eyes
I see a fish in a stream,
A thousand flowers,
A warrior and a child.

The kindest garden
Is in your heart,
I'm silently wishing
To get inside.

Once you open your gate,
I'll open mine.
Camila Vitrei Feb 2016
A deep cut
being healed,
is what I feel
by the touch
of you tenderness.
Camila Vitrei Oct 2015
A woman with her child
and with her, I,
The enclosed heart of men
I hid them in myself,
The darkness of the blind
has poured into my sight,
The wound of the world's soul
and with it, I.
Camila Vitrei Sep 2015
Once it came we fell for it,
Trough a journey of discoveries
The naked image of myself
Merged in the sparkle of our bodies.

And now like shattered piece of glass,
I feel the solitude of time,
The desperation in my mind
Grows like a flower in the grass

Yet I am grateful for this fate,
To leave behind a loving hand
That for a moment made me feel
The glorious warmth to be awake.
Camila Vitrei Aug 2015
Infinitely above the skin, it comes and goes
Stays in the body, into the pores
As far as the horizon, it never ends
Blended with the air, it moves with it.
Moving away, all that enters
Pushing it to the shore, to make it safe
One feels the intense smell of distance
The hidden memory of another age

There, where everything is salt and water.
There, where everything falls and never rises.

— The End —