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Emily Aug 2022
there are some things
words can simply not describe
certain feelings that when spoken
sound like a foreign language
tucked away in the ridges of our gums
and clinging desperately to the back of our teeth

there are some feelings
buried deep within our stomachs
like the butterflies we find on first dates
sealed away in first kisses and whispered words

yet these butterflies are more sinister
battering themselves against our ribcages
“i need to be free”
“let me fly”

when they finally spread their wings
and are released from their cage
the sky is silent

because there are some things
words can simply not describe

like the feeling of being completely alone
in a room full of butterflies
Emily Nov 2018
I don’t know
if I’m more afraid
of loosing you,
or being alone.
And I guess,
that’s the scariest part
of it all
Emily Oct 2021
my thoughts come alive at dusk.
they come alive when the sky is lit by a soft pink glow,
reflecting the last seconds of the day against rosy cheeks and sun kissed skin.
they come alive when the birds fall silent,
their song drowned out by streetlights and fast cars.
my thoughts come alive while the rest of the world goes to sleep.
Emily Jun 2021
i followed you blindly
down this path they call love,
leaving myself behind
without a bread crumb in sight.

i left her standing there,
next to the wilting rose bush,
powered by the endless possibilities
of life before you.

the house in which you built for me
looked soft and inviting,
adorned with heart shaped pillows
made from hand plucked feathers.

the home in which you built for me
looked soft and inviting.

soft and inviting,
until i realised.

that the feathers in which i laid upon,
were my own.

and now
i am without

wings to fly.
Emily Dec 2021
the colour of your cheeks,
after you told me you loved me.

skin adorned with rose colour markings,
kissing every corner of your face
and blessing you with the beauty of love.

i never thought i could be jealous of a colour.
until i itched to fill your body with pigment,
like tattoo ink seeping into your skin.

the colour of your heart,
after i told you i didn’t love you.

the sky opened up that day,
creating puddles around my feet,
deep enough to drown my sorrows.

was the only colour i could offer you.

burning red.
was the colour you deserved.
Emily Dec 2018
i could sit here
and write pages upon pages
about how I miss your smile.
about how your warmth
is slowly leaving the old sweater you left behind.
about how going to the supermarket at 2am isn’t so fun anymore
because I know when I arrive home
i’ll be eating ice cream alone
in an empty apartment.

i could sit here
and write pages upon pages
about that.
but i’ll just settle with
“i miss you.”
because i know
in the end
you won’t read it anyway.
Emily Dec 2018
it’s 2am and i’m dreaming about you
it’s 2am and i’m drowning
it’s 2am and i can’t fall to sleep
because all i can think about is you you and you
it’s 2am and
Emily Dec 2018
your outsides are so mesmerising.
i think to myself
as i watch you
stood in the middle of the path,
arms stretched out wide
with eyes shut tightly.
wet hair clung to your forehead,
rosy cheeks scrunched up happily
as long eyelashes kissed the soft skin underneath your eyes.
your coat was too big for you,
you were drowning in it.
similar to how i was drowning in you.
you smiled brightly,
melting the snow
purely with the heat you were radiating.

isn’t it a shame
your insides
don’t match your outsides.
Emily Nov 2020
i ache to feel inspired.
long for the thoughts and feelings i once knew.
let my mind consume itself with possibilities.

i ache to feel important.
to know my words are devoured,
by someone with a fragile heart and mind.

i want to run away with myself.
run away to that place of opportunity.
where i glow brighter than the stars,
and emit warmth stronger than the sun.

i ache to feel that way again.
that important kind of way.
where i am more than just my body.
where i am my thoughts, my feelings.
Emily Nov 2018
a love so bright
that even a thousand suns
couldn’t compare.

i am already blinded
by the pure possibility
of us.
Emily Dec 2018
even flowers wilt in the sun.
Emily Dec 2018
the stars aligned when I met you
Emily Nov 2020
i wish you could understand
why i am,
the way i am.

i wish you could understand,
why i think too much.
why i hate wednesdays.
why mornings are difficult and nights are not.
why i prefer the moon over the sun.
and why i don’t love myself,
as much as you love me.

i just wish you could understand me.
but you don’t.
and that’s fine.
because i don’t understand me,
Emily Dec 2018
A camera can't capture the true feeling of a moment.
It can show an image of two motionless hands,
clasped together in a strong embrace.
But a series of ink on a page
can’t be replaced by the warm caress of a hand,
the feeling of fingers lacing with yours.
The spark it starts in the tips of your fingers,
shooting through your veins like a bolt of lightning.
Moments like these are the very few
that seem to bring time to a stop.
It’s like the whole world stops revolving for a split second,
the birds fall silent,
leaves stop falling.
in a heart beat,
it starts again.
Starts with a small squeeze of the hand,
starts with laughter,
a first kiss,
a last.
Time shouldn’t be wasted,
moments like these should be cherished.
You never know when they will happen again.
Emily Jan 2019
all the stars in the sky could never amount to the light inside my chest
that switches on every time you look at me like that
Emily Nov 2019
cherry coloured lips,
peach flavoured bubble gum.
sounds of the summer,
echoing through my ears.
memories engraved into the lines of my body.
memories of laughter,
and memories of you.
memories of us,
and the things we do,
the things we did,
and the things we were.
just kids.
with sand in between our toes,
and stars bundled between our fingers.
just you,
just me.
just us.
Emily Dec 2018
you sparked a fire inside of me
hot enough to burn down my defenses
now i'm left in an empty house
with no way to put out the flames
Emily Dec 2018
what makes you sure
you’re all i need?
what makes you sure
you’re the air i breathe
or the words i bleed?

if you’re really that sure
and let’s see
if you’re really
all i need
Emily Dec 2019
i seek comfort
inside your arms
wrapped up with soft words
and gentle touches

i seek comfort
inside the galaxies
stolen from the sky
and placed within your palms

i seek comfort
in you

and oh
what a double edged sword it is
seeking comfort
in the person
that broke your heart
Emily Dec 2018
I look at the moon and think of you.
Emily Sep 2020
here it was dark,
there were no trees,
nor sunlight.
she wore her lipstick,
like a scarlet letter.
in the dusty light,
stood next to his car,
she found him.
painted like a fools fantasy.
on the verge of sinking,
was better suited to the dark.
in the light,
everything looked temporary
as if built by a giant toddler.
she reminded herself,
why she was here.
she took his hand,
and drove until the morning.
Emily Jan 2022
if you look hard enough,
you'll find it.

buried within that burgundy sweater you wore last tuesday.
last tuesday,
when the sun reflected its pretty pink rays on the window,
lighting your cheeks with the promise of the new day.

if you look hard enough,
you'll find it.

undiscovered like a child playing hide and seek,
buzzing with excitement,
yet nervous with every sound and movement sent their way.

if you look hard enough,
you'll find it.

engraved on the back of your hands,
disguised as accidental touches,
and unspoken words.

if you look hard enough,
you'll find it.

and once you find it,
there's a hope,
that you'll find me,
Emily Nov 2018
she shined so bright
that he was surprised
he couldn’t taste the stars
dancing on her skin.
surprised he couldn’t smell
the wood burning
and hear the fire crackling.
but most of all
he was surprised
she didn’t know
that she was more spectacular
than the skies on the fourth of july.
Emily Dec 2018
seeping through the curtains
casting shadows
onto our entwined bodies.
feeling your hands in my hair
and our love in the silence.
forever will never be long enough,
here with you
Emily Dec 2018
i hope you can be happy with me
he said
i was happy before you
i replied
and i’ll be happy after you
Emily Dec 2018
i thought i’d feel empty if you ever decided to leave me
isn’t it strange
that these days i feel more full then i ever did when i was with you
I’m alone but I’m happier
Emily Nov 2018
he shined so bright
that even the stars
were jealous
of his existence.
Emily Jan 2019
i lost myself in you
lost myself
in your diamond mind
and your ocean eyes
i completely
lost myself
in you
i’m not
for a way out
Emily Feb 2019
golden dust
underneath my fingernails
fragments of stars
engraved on your skin
moonlight is a curse
buried within a promise
in which a new tomorrow
rises with the tide
Emily Dec 2018
trying to hold onto you
is like trying
to hold onto


but yet I keep trying
Emily Feb 2019
May the stars forever shine and the moon forever glow.
May your mind be forever beautiful and your heart forever kind.
May the tips of your fingers forever tingle with the feeling of love and light.
May you forever live happy, loved and carefree.
Emily Oct 2019
I dream in technicolour,
Standing between the green green grass
I look up at a rose painted sky.

This world shines bright,
Glistens like a blue sea
Reflected by the warm sun.

I’m surrounded by myself,
And I look happy
Happy to be home.

I dream in Technicolour,
So I close my eyes.

Feel the warmth kissing my cheeks,
Lulling me into its soft embrace.

I dream in Technicolor,
And I’ll never go back to black and white.
Emily Dec 2018
i look at the ocean
to remind myself of you
it gives me comfort knowing
once the tide leaves
it’s sure to return again
miss u :(
Emily Jan 2022
not everything can be black and white.
some things were made to be viewed in full colour,
blinded by pretty pinks,
and engulfed by a sea of shades.

it may be easier to view the world with eyes shut tight.
ignore the things you despise,
and refuse to read between the lines.

but imagine how much beauty,
how much colour,
how much life.

Emily Nov 2018
I miss you
as much as the sky
misses the moon
and the stars
at 3pm.
The only difference is
I won’t see you tomorrow.
Emily Dec 2018
i was always amazed
how you were capable
of loving
while hurting.
and i guess
i’ll continue to be amazed
as you love me
while I hurt you
Emily Jan 2019
if i could get
my feelings about you
written down on paper
i’m sure i’d be
a famous poet
but no matter how hard i try
or how long i think
no words come to mind
just a tight feeling in my chest
and a warm fire inside my heart
Emily Nov 2018
i wish you could understand
why i am
the way i am

i wish you could understand
why i think too much.
why i hate wednesdays.
why mornings are difficult and nights are not.
why i prefer the moon over the sun.
and why i don’t love myself,
as much as you love me.

i just wish you could understand.
but you don’t.
and that’s fine.
because i don’t understand,
Emily Nov 2018
do you remember
our first kiss?
because I’m sure
if you did
this wouldn’t be
our last
Emily Dec 2018
eyes as blue as the sea
i drown every time
you look at me
slowly i can feel myself
Emily Dec 2018
don’t come looking for me
there’s a reason I can’t be found
Emily Nov 2018
and if I learnt
to love myself
as much as I love you
then maybe the world
wouldn’t be
so heavy
Emily Mar 2021
loving is easier in the dark.
there is only room for moonlight.
no questions,
no answers.
just you.
always you.

so love me tonight,
in our darkest hour.
hold me until the sun comes up.

and maybe we'll meet again,
under our own twilight sky.

for tonight,
while engulfed in the dark,
we are infinite.
Emily Nov 2018
I want to laugh,
Experience heart break
and experience love.
I want to experience the sun and the rain
and the company and the loneliness.
I want to experience life,
every aspect of it.
One thing we should always remember,
there's always a tomorrow.
The sun will always rise
and the sun will always set.
Do what you love,
surround yourself with people who are good for you.
The type of people who talk too much
and make you feel every type of emotion.
People who ask if you're okay
or if you got home safely.
Take pictures of everything.
Record videos of late nights
and early mornings.
Collect memories,
write them on ink spilled pages.
Your thoughts are your most important aspect.
Scribble them down on the back of a napkin
of the restaurant you stumbled into
at 4am
with the love of your life.
Next year you'll smile
when you read
"tonight, I'm happy."
Emily Nov 2019
i painted the sky blue for you,
hand picked the stars,
that lace the milky way.
bundled them between my fingers,
until they engraved themselves onto my palms.
i befriended the moon,
and asked him for a favour.
in hopes we’d be able to relive this night,
again and again.

i painted the sky blue for you.
stained my fingertips,
with an entire galaxy.
welcomed it into my blood stream with open arms.

i painted the sky blue for you.
you never even bothered to look up.
Notice me
Emily Nov 2022
the night the moon fell from the sky.
weeping stars scattering their gold dust below
and covering the streets with a deafening silence.

we look to the mourning sky,
and ask why,
they were chosen so soon.

one less plate at the dinner table,
two fewer shoes stationed at the front door.
three last
“i love you’s”
“I’ll be home soon”
“see you in five.”

grief eventually fades,
they say.
while we wait for the “eventually”

we’ll look for you in the rainbows
search for you in the stars
find you stashed away in our back pockets
like a lucky penny
we hold on to forever.

together we’ll see this through
we will remember you.
Emily Jun 2021
just like a flower,

i sit and wait,

for the butterflies to return home.

i wait,
and i wait,
and i wait.

and as i wait,
i wonder.
are you on your way?

i know,

things are not the same anymore.


  not the same


i sit.

and i wait,

and i wait.

for the butterflies to return home.
Emily Dec 2018
your smile could light up
an entire sky
yet you choose to brighten
only my day.
and maybe it’s selfish
that i want to bottle it up
and save it for the rain
then again
you don’t seem to mind
Emily Dec 2018
i painted the sky blue for you.
yet you never even bothered
to look up.
Emily Sep 2022
if only we could recycle love,
like we recycle plastic bags.
glass bottles,
poured empty of cheap *****.
consumed on nights
where the pain seeps through the invisible wall.
filling the cracks with words of regret,
and stories better left untold.

love can not be recycled,
it is a one time use only.
moulded into unique shapes,
to fit different puzzles,
and run through different blood streams.

you see,
love can not be infinite,
no matter how much we wish it so.
we are only human,
humans who tire easily
and quickly lose hope.

since love can not be recycled,
don’t give a handful of stars,
to someone who won’t even let you in their galaxy.
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