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clementine Aug 2020
rushing in,
can't stop it.

pain consumed
my system,
making scars.

heavy breaths,
tears falling.
please, save me.
clementine Aug 2020
hey, i dreamt of you last night
and it felt so real.
you're like a star
that shines so bright in a vast sky
and the only thing i wished to be
is for you to be with me.
i may not be a great poet like Shakespeare —
but please do take care of my heart.
please do love me like how i love you.
  Aug 2020 clementine
Christien Ramos
i dreamt of you last night.
why does it feel surreal?

why does it feel so real?
clementine Aug 2020
i'll dive into the ocean of words
and weave metaphors
just to get
clementine Aug 2020
but if you'll look deeper,
                  she's a broken soul
that needs to be save.
clementine Aug 2020
i have always been enough, now i understand.
far away from you, this is where i stand.
you being my solace was a mistake.
pills of euphoria i must take.
clementine Aug 2020
take my heart and break it
make me love and cry
make me think like it
only to expect and nothing betides

happenstance is luck
but luck is foreign to me
the only thing i wished to be
is for you to be with me

reasons aren't present
so why should i think so?
it's my mind that takes me
to places i shouldn't go

expectations hurt
but it always has a way
hope is different
when there's no reason to
think that way

intoxicated by you
fading into blue
i just want a person i fear to lose
because your love is the one
thing i wish i knew

my hearty intentions
hurt so bad
i could be so knuckleheaded
to think we'd have a chance

the story i wished to play
wasn't written in the stars
so i'll say goodbye, to your love...
and deal with a broken heart
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