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May 2019 · 113
Hello, Nothingness.
In all your glory.
Mar 2018 · 268
I feel like drawing.

into nothingness.

Wherever that is.
It has been a while since I wrote a poem; no wonder I have been sad.
May 2016 · 384
Hello Poetry, I missed you.
Little girl lost,
found her way Home.
Hello, Poetry.
Feb 2015 · 565
the old priest
the old priest shuffles
pages of crusty memoirs
in the silence of the temple
he has forgotten how to speak
Oct 2014 · 460
breaking Me
breaking Me
is Patience-
bounding across
white peaks of snow
to Nirvana
Oct 2014 · 966
floating away (ii)
floating away-

flotsam and debris
of what could have been
if you had been mine,
Water Lily
Oct 2014 · 1.2k
floating away
I want to scoop up and hug
all sad and broken souls
hold them, wiping tears
together, floating away
kindred spirits
Oct 2014 · 440
poetry was
was a solace
when I was
will it be again

will it chase away
the fog of depression?
Oct 2014 · 844
something with claws
something with claws
slowly crept up on her
as she walked home
head buried in Blissful Oblivion
she felt not the deep incisions
the creature made on her dainty soul
she felt not the yawning crevices
sunk into her pure heart
by the creature with claws
she knew it not, until she faltered
in Dark Abandon.
Sep 2014 · 522
on monologue
do not be unkind
to yourself
There is only one voice
within, two ears-
Be kind.
what are you telling yourself when you talk to yourself? love yourself.
Sep 2014 · 388
blue notes
blue notes
blue smoke
conversations, ****!
no solid occupation
dreams shatter, wither within
Sep 2014 · 2.1k
do birds sing at night?
do birds sing at night?
I wonder-
as I listen to the cackle
of birds in flight
Sep 2014 · 1.3k
beneath me
beneath me
are oil stains
charting my way to victory
Sep 2014 · 3.9k
sunny afternoons
a bar stool,
friendship in one.
Sep 2014 · 1.3k
Opalescent Sea
opalescent sea,
still in moonlight
unbosom those rays,
they belong to me!
Sep 2014 · 1.5k
Elegant darkness
Elegant darkness
strokes my worn soul
fleeting, soft sash trailing,
I sit with her, and she with me
The prompts keep coming! :)
Sep 2014 · 1.9k
first performance
the familiar old knot,
the familiar old sweep,
nostalgia and nerves
always cuts so deep
Sep 2014 · 3.3k
Pride's Grin
Pride's grin starts endless friendships,
with Bitterness, Jealousy and Envy...
When he grins, and waves, avert his green eyes!
Inspired by a prompt I got on Twitter. @Blackheat22
Sep 2014 · 501
dormant memories
dormant memories.
the cool brook,
gurgles on and on-
memoirs of an age
to always be.
Sep 2014 · 2.5k
silent battles
I fight silent battles,
I struggle everyday.
Victory, I know-
Is surely on the way!
We all fight silent battles. It's hard to press on when you are facing all sorts of crises. Victory is certain, it just takes time.
Sep 2014 · 2.1k
wish I was alone
Just want to be alone-
I am Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer....
I just want to lose myself-
Quietly and not talk.
sometimes you just want to be alone,. It has nothing to do with the other person. You just want to be by yourself.
Sep 2014 · 367
Two Souls
they laughed on,
two souls,
bound by grief
friendship, grief and laughter
Sep 2014 · 1.2k
goodbye again
it's goodbye again
when I hear the swish-swish
of your toothbrush.
Sep 2014 · 1.8k
musical aromas,
beads and prayers.
I miss my Grandma.
Sep 2014 · 11.1k
fade to black
fade to black-
when all is sore.
fade to black,
renew the core!
I like to think of poetry as a warm burrow I wriggle into when I go through painful emotions. My space, where I redefine myself.
Sep 2014 · 2.0k
I cannot sleep
if you are not there
I am so used to you
Sep 2014 · 820
when the music stopped
I hung on, waiting for the final breath
there was nothing.
no standing ovation,
no final crescendo
Sep 2014 · 4.7k
I have scars
that just bleed
and do not heal
Sep 2014 · 450
I sought salt in your soul
there was nothing,
putrid destruction only
of everything me!
some people destroy your core.
Sep 2014 · 1.1k
Laid Bare
laid myself bare
take me, with mercy
do not destroy me!
Sep 2014 · 14.5k
You made me feel unwanted
by all the things you did not say,
a simple goodnight, how was your day?
sometimes silence can break one down. say something!!!!!
Sep 2014 · 2.5k
Solitary beach
a lone figure
on a solitary beach.
me, pebbles, water and I.
sometimes you just want to be alone. even Poetry cannot understand.
Sep 2014 · 618
sitting in the ash of protest,
roasting in clutching desires
nothing could I offer-
feeling so small and broken
ever been belittled? ask me. :(
Sep 2014 · 852
My father's funeral
My father's funeral,
was the first funeral-
I ever attended.
growing up in a sheltered home, nothing prepares you for the pain of losing your father. I miss you, Da. Rest in Eternal Peace.
Sep 2014 · 959
greetings, scribe!
You have given my heart such a warm glow,
Mind awakened, words, shall flow.
This is dedicated to  all Poets who like, love and appreciate other people`s work! Appreciation from a poet feels like family. Shout out Moonlit Whispers for the love!
poetry, you comforting solace!
balm, on the chapped lips of cracked hearts,
soothing salve on the conscience of guilt
struggling, you find a space for yourself to snuggle in, hide and cry! :)
Sep 2014 · 3.8k
The Dying Sun
the dying sun kisses my brown walls goodnight,
winking naughtily through the leaves.
watching the sun streaming placidly through my window, a gentle breeze flapping the curtain
Sep 2014 · 342
In Poetry (cntd.)
In poetry, I open the pod of my heart,
without fear,
I show who I am.
poetry has been a welcoming, warm space in times of depression and sadness.
Sep 2014 · 588
dare I write?
dare I write to touch souls,
leave my soul-prints on hearts?
inspire, create, teach, drown?
I falter, but I will. I have to.
sometimes, as a poet, you just want to give up!! no inspiration, writers' block, you know the drill! :)
Sep 2014 · 532
The Mural of My Words
I am painting a mural with my words,
Cameos, sublime, Turquoise,
line my blue bell filled path
To Luminescence
#micropoetry #poetry
Sep 2014 · 5.0k
if these walls speak
if these walls speak,
they will tell of silent tears,
cried when you are at work
the heart-rending pain of a cheating partner
Sep 2014 · 15.7k
I love My Breasts
I love my *******
One, slightly bigger than the other
I could not live without them!

All my love to all the women
saved by mastectomies,

Sisters, allow me,
to sip,
at the well of your Courage.
Dedicated to all the strong beautiful women who are living pockets of love and strength who have lost their ******* through mastectomy.
Sep 2014 · 990
'Give me your password!'
I demanded,
and I opened  Horrors.
Sep 2014 · 410
letting you go
      let go,
            relax, enjoy

             pain, decoy-
Sep 2014 · 880
astute silence stares me in the face,
I, forlorn, have reached my place
Sep 2014 · 4.3k
Silent Hues
the choir grows with the barks of dogs,
the rumble of cars, the fusion of bogs
Inspired by the happy night sounds outside my window as I write every night.
Sep 2014 · 1.0k
Old Dreams
I tried to catch
a whiff of her scent,
as she walked past
there was none
but the putrefaction
of old dreams
stubs of old love
a black dress
and red shoes
Sep 2014 · 730
Dealing with OCD
is like losing your mind,
You can be in a room
full of people, yet all alone,
Noone can ever know
when the horrible thoughts
will come and what they will be
you just feel a buzz, a hum, a drone
in your head and you try to block it out
but like Sony Xperia apps
running in the background,
they are there, infernal
consuming the bandwidth of your soul
there is a fine line between delusion and sanity
a clutching at straws, a search for help
pleas and pleas fall not on deaf ears
but endure it you must
until it runs its course
tunnelling on, pushing you to the edge
straddling the fine line buoying
bobbing, dancing, fleeting-
drowning you in its wake as you gasp and gasp
OCD is horrible and misunderstood
why it hit me, I know not-
when it came part of me, I never agreed
I just woke up arrested, paralysed
by the most unutterable thoughts...
I suspect it happened when I met
the thin woman with the one eye-
I have known no peace since then
Paranormal paranoia rules my brain
and I am mooted, glued in the vile filth
of guilt, shame, anger, helplessness-
like a generator running on fuel,
incessant the tyres do not stop burning
alone, sometimes, I ask myself
why? why me Lord?
the cup is too heavy for me to bear
and ghouls have made my mind
an open playing field and I cant break free
at times I wake up and its gone
I smile and dress up-
try to think normally, eat and sleep
but itchy insomnia rages on my skin
beads of sweat and shaking, my mouth is dry
I am afraid, frightened and I cower
OCD is crunching my life, slowly
and sadly noone knows...they just dont know
why I say 'off' things sometimes
they suppose its the preoccupation
of a busy mind, and busy I am
wallowing, silently, stewing in the prison
it seems there is no escaping this
Inspired by a true story
Sep 2014 · 749
nothing to feed him

(10 words excl. spaces)
they lived at the edge of the sea,
they made music with pebbles
and shadows shifted,
slowly, badly calloused,
they picked their way through

          the throng
          ****** along
          pressed along

but they were not afraid
the wind billowed and raged
the sea churned violently
washing them, away it, hoped
but they remain rooted. mute

           the throng
           ****** along
           pressed along

silent statuettes, brave, unshaken
still alive by the edge of the sea
lights dance on the sea now, night
the glows, soldiers lost at sea
watching over them
scurry happily on the pebbles
***Inspired by deep personal tragedy***
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