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Virtuous Mar 2021
Counting down the hours
Till I can see your face again
This love I have for you is strong
The mind could hardly comprehend
I must say I’m not a fan
Of the time we spend apart
Beloved you constantly consume
My thoughts and my heart
I belong to my Beloved
And he belongs to me
I could gaze into your eyes
Not just because of their beauty
Which cannot be matched
Except by your soul
Which to mine is attached
I’m in love with my Husband
Virtuous Sep 2019
I don’t seem to have the words anymore
Maybe my tears can replace the ink
But tears don’t create sentences
Is it really only by words that we speak?
Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes
And known exactly what was going on through their mind?
If One can’t be heard
Then maybe they can be seen
I feel like I’m mourning
A piece of me
So can my tears replace the ink?
Or perhaps my blood?
But what will I use
Once those are done?
Virtuous May 2019
I think the sun has grown jealous
Of my friendship with the moon
I prefer dusk to dawn
And midnight instead of noon
Virtuous May 2019
Stopped by my local coffee shop today
Brought a book like I tend to do
Took a seat and settled in
And that’s when I noticed these two
A couple in front of me whispering in each others ear
Saying things only for the other to hear
The smiles on their faces
So genuine and bright
“Aw the honeymoon phase” I thought
Gosh that seems nice

And then I thought about you
Even though we never went out
That’s my fault I guess
You were very persuasive no doubt
But the truth is I wasn’t ready
And your offer I had to refuse
Trust me... I didn’t want to
But my heart had some healing to do

You have probably moved on by now
It’s been a little over a year
I don’t know why I still think of you
Maybe it’s wonder... maybe it’s fear

I wish I could thank you
I wish I could explain
I wish I could see you again
But too much time has passed I’m afraid
Virtuous May 2019
Knuckles white
Heavy chest
Rivers eye
Painful breath
Virtuous May 2019
are reminders
Of what it is
to be human
Virtuous May 2019
Or a new pen
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