Virtuous Nov 28
I wish to give you my heart
But It's just not ready I suppose
When? you ask
I don't know . . .
Virtuous Nov 28
Both a blessing and a curse
The feelings of ones heart
The joy and the hurt
The light and the dark
The freedom to love
The prison of pain
Gentle as a dove
Hard as stone some days
throwback from 2014
Virtuous Nov 27
Your voice is like a time machine
Pulling me back
To a period of life
I would rather forget
Virtuous Nov 25
So many words
Spinning chaoticly through my head
Trying to catch them
And create a thread
Of sentences
And imagry
Virtuous Nov 20
Looking into Glass
And processing
Where my hair now lays at
What once was long
And strong
Has been cut
To my shoulders
And the rest is now gone
And it feels as though my confidence
Has been swept away with my old locks
My confidence lies deeper than my appearance
Or at least that’s what I thought...

I look in the mirror
And your old words repeat in my head
Like a broken record
Playing the things that never needed to be said
“I don’t like it when girls have short hair”
“I hate it”
“I probably wouldn’t have even talked to you if you had short hair”
You’re not relevant anymore
And you’re opinion doesn’t matter
So why do your words still ring in my ear
Speaking in such a shallow manner

Time to unplug
And replace the record with something new
Something that should have been done before
Something definately overdue

I’m starting to like the change
If I’m to be totally honest
To be sure of oneself
And own what you got
That is what’s beautiful and Iconic

Its just hair
Virtuous Nov 4
Could someone show me
Where the Rose Garden lies?
The one that holds such beauty
Never before met by the eye
Many flowers that are being sold
Whether they came from the garden
Is Unknown
Approached by someone
With a stem in hand
Took me a minute to understand
“This Rose is yours”
They said
“And your body I’ll take”
Only to find out
What was offered was a fake
Made to look real
With an agenda
To steal

From me

Crossed paths with another
One who promised the title of a lover
But their rose came with thorns
And now there’s blood on the floor

Could someone show me
Where the Rose Garden lies?
It feels as though I’ve been searching
For a long time
Virtuous Nov 1
Dont complain

Of a wiltering garden

Full of weeds

If you never tended to

Or watered the seeds
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