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Brandi Feb 2019
Some things have changed on the outside and in.
Body is no longer curve less and thin.
Hair is choppy on most of the ends.
Short enough to reach just below my chin.

Some things have changed on the outside and in.
Resilience and strength rise from within.
May sometimes be foolish, may sometimes be sin.
But I know whose I am, and that is a win.

Some things have changed (oh but not this).
Not the way the sun sweeps across the eastern sky, signaling morning has arrived.
Not the way the moon sprinkles light where lovers hide.

Some things have changed (oh but not this).
Not the joy a baby brings when taking its first breath.
Not the flash of life once lived as approaching coming death.

Some things have changed (oh but not this).
Not the call to serve your own.
Not the fight to care for lives who have forgotten their true home.

Some things have changed (oh but not this).
Not the love for what is pure and true.
Not the hope that the Divine has rescued you.

Some things have changed (oh but not this).
Not this longing for seeing the innocent kids.
Have a chance in this world to experience bliss.
To have dreams without fear and to see crystal clear.
Their reflection, so beautiful, cherished so dear.
Those unaware of the sadness they share.
Are the sad ones themselves as reality bares with it anger and loneliness hid behind stares.
Stares so blank and so void that gravity cannot bear.
They find themselves in the black hole and stay there.
Unaware, truly and wholly unaware.

Many things have not changed (oh but not this).
From my sins, from within, I am made brand new.
For that is exactly what faith can do.
Not a preacher, a speaker or a song with a muse.
Not a seeker of praise from a million or two.
Just a girl with a laptop who decided to choose to speak with words that simply cannot be confused.
They cannot be anything else but the truth.
And that does not change all the time through.
February resolutions are still resolutions. Live in the truth and love physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.
Brandi Jan 2019
Someone walks by and calls me beautiful
Beautiful because I am sitting alone at this bright red picnic table

I am surprised
It is such an unexpected and lovely occasion
To wonder if I am a melody of an unsung song

Something familiar to passers by
Yet entirely unique

Like an art form that is effortless
Simply because of my place in that moment of life
Surrounded by a cacophony of college students
Some of whom are my friends

This was my moment of solace
Of solitude

School photographer takes a picture of me tearing into my hamburger Piled high

Once the party is over
I am gone
Like a shooting star

He looks up in the sky and sees me
And while I want the one to join me ablaze
I feel the fear in his heart
Fear I will never be the fireball I once was
If I am suddenly plucked from the sky

Having this unsung
Imperfect type of beauty
I smile as I think of the one
The actual one
Knowing it is him
Always and forever
And walking up to the big bright picnic table
Hoping to stay awhile
We lift off ablaze into the night sky

© 2018
Brandi Keaton
Embracing isolation when it may come is freedom from its destruction. Realize inward beauty and keep shining.
Brandi Dec 2018
Jesus loves me this I know
But what I don't know scares me
Each night in silent or whispers of sorts
I say "Jesus, tuck me in"
He certainly does, and then sits by my bedside
Watching me all through the night

Now I ask you
Who does not have this Jesus in their life?

The girls in sundresses flowing to and fro
Clasp the necklace of the crucifixion cross
Except this cross is not old, rugged, or ******
They cry day in and day out in secret
For a Jesus man
Like one that may be worn as so many accessories before

Oh I pray Lord that I do not die each day in such misery
Instead, may I live in You and have you as my first love
Brandi Dec 2018
Tap tap tap...
Break out the apple and cut in half

Tap tap tap...
One ee and ah
Two ee and ah

Rough as nails you see
Trust me it doesn't get easier
Practice is essential
Resilience of the mind and soul is helpful

Then wake up and what do you see
A great big world and you have the key

© 2018
Brandi Keaton
Brandi Dec 2018
"Phew", I say as I am catching my breath
Finding the words
Wanting chaos
Enough to be considered human
Enough comfort to be considered sane

Being free yet confined enough to not lose the compass direction
Where am I?
Have I found direction?
Why am I always running?
Where is the thrill of having memories just to place in storage?


So are the ways of the wild
Completely insane

© 2018
Brandi Keaton
Brandi Dec 2018
Black and White
Ying and Yang
Light and Dark

If we match to be good
Then why does the sun rise and fall in rhythm with the moon and we fall in love with it?

© 2018
Brandi Keaton
Brandi Dec 2018
I resolve not to have any in 2019 and many more years
Until I forsake the rebellion and child-like carelessness
These promises are only broken


I am tired of duct tape solutions
Time to figure things out like aged cheese does
With age comes experience and a few new sights
The wonderful, good, horrible, and everything in between

So I resolve to not resolve

© 2018
Brandi Keaton
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