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Axion Prelude Mar 2018
I'll sleep the days away knowing you're not here

Depression drowns me in guilt and shame..
Axion Prelude Mar 2018
It speaks familiar words, this ghost of pride bereft of all it had surmised; no rhyme or reason unto its own accord

Soft hymns of fate fall short their own innate value, wrought with seething dissonance and disdain; but they're never spoken

Clenched fists, eyes with lonely souls, hearts with sullen cries of hope; they unfold without remorse nor splendid candor

All things left behind, intentions fall short of their meaning; once again, romance finds such morose yet somber, gleaming demise
Please don't leave..
Axion Prelude Feb 2018
The sign of a drunken person is not through the sound of vibrant disillusion shouting obscenities through existential inebriation, but in the length of their face when they wake up one day to that stark realization that whatever once was can never be again.

The eyes become darker, mute and cold, the mind obscured by all the things they probably cared about when they had the opportunity but never merely took; and it is in their demeanor where life seethes nowhere in the voice except where it is merely enough to get them through just one more begrudging day of sinister regret gnawing at their heels every waking moment.

Hollow souls show us what we never want to be but somehow so many of us succumb to the same discrepancies and injustices of belittlement from the world around us: sober eyes and sharp tongues convincing us we are nothing more than what we think we are; and what we are to begin with is nothing, taking shape from the beginning of it all, ready to be molded into something grand and good – we must all start from somewhere, but most are subjugated before any of it can even begin; and ultimately, many of us never truly live at all.

Drunken, with the desire to simply live.
Axion Prelude Feb 2018
Defeat is my surmise; what wrought from even the purest intention wilts away by wanton ignorance

Surfeit, the ire of holds past begin to clench my heart with stoic nostalgia

How wise it were to have embraced such depth of heartbreak in all my effort's past; to see the light we must step through darkness periodically.. I simply wish I hadn't need to have done that with you; you were so bright, which lit my path clearly for the first time ever

"two threads cut from the same cloth"

Intellectualism is dead
Axion Prelude Feb 2018
Your plight becomes your calling once more as you retreat to daunting servitude

unbeknownst unto your own soul, the mired fog which blinded your path prior reaches out to you

Claws sinking, you succumb to lies and deceit as if it were your only surmise

I know better, but I am not the one to call your place in line amongst the unwavering compassion I own for you

You make your choice based on a haze of comprehension, no eyes could see nor heart could feel; indecision stifled your beckoning before, and yet you return to the same darkness even you called foul for yourself

You knew where harm reached out to you; intention set, you saw the crimes which took your heart for granted; you spoke to me, with me, of all the things you sought but were met with insalubrious dissonance.. And yet..

My heart sinks, my chest burns, my mind wreaks havoc on itself just to know: why?

I am for you, unconditionally; you betray not my heart, but merely your own

Until the day comes you see true unto yourself, I settle now to be in your shadow..
One step forward, two steps back
Axion Prelude Feb 2018
I dreamt of you the other day

Such sweet resonance with your presence, it echoed a calm I only experience with you; awoken, and sound

You caught me in a time of plight, pulled me forth in valiant fervor

Your smile shined upon me, and I felt safe; feverishly exposing your excitement to explore the horizon

We drove into the fog; your warmth was tangible, even in my subconscious dwelling

Next to you, I simply felt good; a place I can not substitute

I felt calm, as if all qualms and scores of darkness simply melted away; you seemed happier than I had ever seen when I had not declined your beckoning

I felt home, and you seemed content to feel the same with me by you

If ever that could be true when I awake for this, life would forever be a dream

I dreamt for peace, and you were there; simplicity, two threads cut from the same cloth, bound together

I hope to bring you the same light
Axion Prelude Feb 2018
I can't stop falling for you, every new moment we share
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