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 Apr 17 anna
Riley OHalloran
My backpack straps dig into my shoulders:
they burn with the weight.
I’m sick to my stomach,
and my throat still catches on thin air.
I just want things to ease up
or give me a break.

Mom comes with ****** ale;
we sit together in the car
and consider whether or not to
visit the doctor.
 Apr 15 anna
Chase Parrish
A slow rabble was the army tent
In the sense events commenced.
Lines lingered laughingly long

Senescent men intent in resentment
Furiously fighting fear.
Young men too, letting bravery ferment

Fools to the firmament.
Fate's Impertinent
Bent by torments underwent.

Who begged to be sent off to war?
Not me for sure; not anymore.
I won't ask why I was whisked away,
That I thought through though.
Wistfully waiting, I Inclined
To outline this old tale of mine
In the event I'm left behind.

So to whom it may concern,
Know you how my spirit burned!
Watch as I, while mortal
Fought foul fate, so much unearned
And how, with luck, I'll yet return.
This is the fifth poem in my The ****** Journal series, although I suppose you could call this the first poem in the set, as this is going to be the beginning of the narrative. Feel free to critique!
 Apr 15 anna
 Apr 15 anna
I had a dream that impending doom was right around the corner.
Waiting to ****** up my mortal life.
And no one would notice I disappeared.

What a world we live in...that I could experience that and not feel shocked.
 Apr 15 anna
Nolan Willett
In a “wise passiveness“ I sit
Able to conquer any fit.
Wounded is my melancholy
When he meets his deft enemies
My Serenity, and Spirit
 Apr 15 anna
Katja Pullinen
Me: I'm a little bird.
Also me: No, you're an elephant. Me: No, I'm not an elephant, I want to be a little bird and fly, sit on the twigs.
Also me: But if you sit on a branch you fall, because you are a big, heavy elephant.
Me: But I don’t want to be an elephant, I don’t want to be an elephant, let me be a little bird. I am not an elephant, I am not an elephant, I am not an elephant.
My favorite escape
Just wanna recap
It’s sunday sunshine
Little trouble in my ryhme
I don’t care
I just completed the dare
Offcourse it was hard and rare
Sitting on that chair
My feat can feel the ground
And I can smell the air
Got my chilled beer
I’ve got someone to share
Because I do care
We are God’s blessed pair
I’m not scare
To fell from these stair
Somewhere my soul is unaware
But I kept those invisible tear
May be the only way the source of my power
Doesn’t look so unfair
And for now
I hold up
Lay down on that chair
Underneath your long hair
My eyes are heavily blink here
I think I am somewhere.
 Apr 15 anna
 Apr 15 anna
Pulled and twisted a million different ways
Who are you to tell me how to live my days?
I answer to one person and one person alone
I answer to GOD who sits on the throne!

So take away your judgements and your reprimands
No one gave you control over me or my life again
You can choose to love me, for who I really am
Or I will move on to people who  can.

For I will be myself and LOVE all that I can
Learn from the past and praise the I AM
 Apr 15 anna
Eulogy for Justin Bradley, Age 22 who committed suicide 2/28/19

My Sweet Boy

You had a beautiful soul. You had a tortured soul.

You had so many friends, but still felt alone.
Your friends were everything,….But which one to text, from your seven phones???

Great Falls, DC, Road trips, Museums, Golf, or Gold Cup
You were always … I’m down dude, just hit me up.

You lived for cheese pretzels, chicken nuggets, Chipotle, Mac and cheese or JUST turkey bacon….
Why were you taken?

You had a beautiful soul. You had a tortured soul.

Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Supreme,
Who needs to spend big bucks?
When you can get it from China, even though the quality *****.

You flew, flipped and twisted,
Off buildings with no fear
Luckily you found an outlet in cheer.

You had a curiosity and intellect beyond your years.
But how the hell did you become a Republican?
For that… we will give you a mulligan.

You had a beautiful soul. You had a tortured soul.

You were struggling to make sense
Trying to figure out YOU.
We tried to reach out.
We tried to break through.

So, my message to parents and to young adults who choose to be,
Giving love and hugs every day, should be your reality.

Their room may be messy, their hair uncombed,
the recycling not taken, and clothes on the floor.
But don’t jump on them the minute they walk through the door.

Depression is a disease not to be dismissed.
Get help for your child.
Try to assist.

Remember to celebrate their brightness and light.
And take a moment to enjoy these gifts, each and every night.

You had a beautiful soul. You had a tortured soul.

So go to that ultra festival in the sky
And As you flip over those Pearly Gates, we wave good bye.

I love you Justin and I will miss you forever.
 Apr 15 anna
My words
 Apr 15 anna
my words mean nothing to you,
do they?
all you want are the raw images of
lacy curves and hairless thighs,
the sound of my breathing and the way
my name sounds so good rolling off
your tongue.
it's as if when i say "hello"
all you hear is "ready, set, go"
my words mean nothing to you,
do they?
you don't love me. you never did and you never will.
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