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Feb 2016 · 529
The Biggest Heart
Charlotte Opdahl Feb 2016
My mouth is big,
But so is my heart.
Don't let that,
Make you fall apart..
Jan 2016 · 282
Days of Sadness
Charlotte Opdahl Jan 2016
There were
Days of darkness.
Days of hopelessness.
Days of pain and
Days of sadness.

Days spent in bed.
Days filled with tears
and fear.

Days when you were near.

Good days
Where I almost forgot, and  
Bad days
When I couldn't.

Days when I was alive,
but not living.

Days when the only thing
That got me through the day
Was *hope
Jan 2016 · 1.0k
Fighter of yore
Charlotte Opdahl Jan 2016
There once was a fighter in me.
But since then the fighter gave up;
Because you are not worthy
Of this trouble and doubt.
So leave, just leave,
Hang ‘em up.

— The End —