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 Nov 2015 Alicia
i can't make you love me
and it pains me to admit
no matter how many times
i pleasure you
or touch you
it couldn't possibly help
i despise how obvious it is
that i am constantly savoring
your every kiss
memorizing your lips
and how they fit mine
just right
gazing into your eyes
until everything turns hazel
stroking your rough skin
and learning the landmarks
of your exterior surface
please just stay prisoner
in my bed
just wish i could look into
your mind
to know what you truly think
of me
and us
but how can i expect you
to love me
when i can't even
love myself
 Nov 2015 Alicia
 Nov 2015 Alicia
The roses dance
The violets sway
The music plays
In her mind
As her heart keeps time
Tonight she dances
Dances with the moon and the stars
And the cool, soft breeze
Tonight she smiles
With flowers in her hair
A laugh, as soft as a flower petal
Escape her soft lips
Her hair shifts on her shoulders
As her red dress swooshes and sways
Tonight she is free
Tomorrow is yesterday
So tonight
She dances
With the moon and stars
Tonight she smiles
As the wind plays with her hair
Tonight she shares secrets
With Sandman himself
In a field of roses and violets
In a field of dreams
 Nov 2015 Alicia
JR Rhine
This Body
 Nov 2015 Alicia
JR Rhine
This body is a map.
Run your fingers along my veins
Hum along to the steady beat
That worms into your brain
These lines run in many directions
But they all start in the same place
This highway won’t lead to Heaven
But it can give you a taste.
Body confidence.
 Nov 2015 Alicia
Suhani Arora
I write about you in my head,

Without even knowing when and how.

I do not love you like the bee loves flowers,

I do not blush for you like a brook in the sunlight.

I love you like a nocturnal psychedelia.

I love you like darkness,

Consuming and hauntingly beautiful.

I know how I want you,

Meet me on a December night.

Undress me,

Shut my eyes,

Drink me raw,

Smell my hair,

Colour me in your murky lust.

Smoke me like a cigarette,

Burn my ***** with your smouldering lips.

Annihilate me,

Fail me,

Love me and then, leave me.

Sing Sinatra to me,

Ruin a song,

A song that I cannot listen to, again.

I want to wake up next to you,

Looking at your face, knowing you can’t be mine.

I’ll bring you coffee in bed,

Be gone before I come,

Escape from the back door.

Be the infidel Zeus,

Leave me naked in your linen, whiffing.

Annihilate me,

Fail me,

Love me and then, leave me.

**** me in the wintry mist,

I’ll scream in the starry night.

Leave me shivering with a gushing sadness

Curled up on the cold floor, naked

Forget me, disengage,

Love me and then, leave me, would you?
 Mar 2015 Alicia
Hannah McKillen
I looked forward. I hugged my knees to my chest and looked forward.
The hole in my jeans exposed my knee caps and my sweater did little to stop the cold from penetrating my skin.
But I looked forward. I can't really tell you what I saw. I could tell you the psychical view. The lush green trees and the pretty blue lake. But I was looking beyond that. I was looking at myself.
Please don't think I'm on a high horse. I know man is minuscule to nature. I know. But right now I am important. Important enough to compare to nature.
The wind blew lightly, the leaves dancing. They swirled and settled just as quickly. And the water was calm, but got ripples every time a leaf drifted onto the glassy surface.
I looked forward, anyway.
The thing I can't tell you is what i saw in myself. I saw a girl with a tattered sweater and ripped jeans. A girl with dark circles and a pretty smile. But I couldn't see underneath. I lost myself. I hadn't realized it. But slowly yet surely i had lost my quirks and my charm. But I was whole, and I was alive. Breathing. I survived the year.
Looking forward, the water and the trees brought the year back.
I wlooked down at the worn Polaroid.
It was the same lake, the same trees, taken a year ago.
I was the only thing different.
And I'm still okay.
 Mar 2015 Alicia
Ivory Grace
I bet you are utterly confused out of your **** mind.
I'm happy now, without you.
And even though at times I show a light shade of blue
I finally know what it is.
No matter what happens, good or bad, I can pull through.
After all I did go a bittersweet hell with you.
 Mar 2015 Alicia
Ivory Grace
Childish boy, you think I don't know?
It's funny because if you think I need you to grow.
The answer is simply no.
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