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  May 2017 Aggie W
Mona Mohamed
I feel like there's a second layer
forming under my skin,
From all the words unsaid,
I bet you'd drown if I let you in.

You're tired, you say,
You don't want to learn how to swim,
So you're skimming over dead cells,
Meanings that have turned into antonyms.

Day after day the superficial layer
It's getting thinner,
What you were once acquainted with
are now the cells of a stranger.

'Cause suddenly they're all seeping
into my blood stream,
Words like bricks that form a barrier,
Talking from behind a filter screen.

I'm only sorry for one thing,
That is my pale secrets greeting the sunlight,
Till I found them in your shadows,
And you got used to silence overnight.

I wish I could lend you my skin for a day,
Like an open letter for you to read,
But I fear one word said too much,
Would make a frail vein bleed.

Now you don't recognize my hand anymore,
So I don't need yours then,
Lying to you has already become
Very much like a second skin.
  Mar 2015 Aggie W
Pooja Shah
Her legs were determined to never tremble again,
Her breath was never shallow since that day,
She no more thought about her agonizing pain,
The price for someone’s cowardice, she would never pay.

The words unsaid, were no more hidden in her heart,
She spoke freely; her thoughts had gained wings,
A soul without fear, her spirit was ready for a new start,
She was at last, herself, a human, among other human beings.

Strings of hopelessness with which she was tied,
Were, by her soul’s fiery rage, torn,
That day, with sheer shame, a victim died,
With a new cry of vigour, a fighter was born.
This poem is a tribute to women globally. They are human beings with the heart of the Almighty. Such women are now recognising their identity and emerging as stalwarts of strength and compassion. I salute you, women!
Aggie W Mar 2015
Wore a dress today.
They told me I looked beautiful
In those colors and flowers,
Matching my messy hair.

Should I change who I am?
Am I not beautiful when I wear,
Whatever I wear,
What my heart tells me,
My own way?
Aggie W Feb 2015
Strumming my fingers
Through your arms
As if I'm gently
Playing my guitar.
Music in the background
As if each vein,
trying to scream aloud,
whispers a sad
Yet beautiful story
Your scars try so hard to hide.
And it's funny because he does this without realizing.
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