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  Sep 2016 AfterImage
Echoes Of A Mind
I thought I had got rid of it
I really thought that I finally did
The feeling which only cause troubles
Both for me and for others...

This whole summer I did not feel  anything
Protecting the happy memories, which you gave me
Because as soon as I realized that the feeling was there
I ran away from it in fear...

Just this one,  I thought, please, not him
I don’t want this feeling to destroy everything
The friendship I worked so ******* building
Is now in danger cause I begin singing
Each morning that I know I’ll meet you...

So now I’m brought to tears again
As I’m feeling at loss
Don’t want to see you walk away
Like everybody else
Have done
I don’t want to lose another friend
Who I can speak to while being myself...

So now I’m teasing you
I’m trying to make you keep a distance
Cause I know that I’m not strong enough
To keep myself away from the one I love
But I don’t want to ruin our friendship
So I’ll hide these feelings and instead feel pain
Because of the words
Which I’ll never be able to say
Once more
I'm gonna run away...
A random poem...
  Sep 2016 AfterImage
I hate to break it to you but,
This isn't just a rut.
Your best friend is a grenade,
Yeah it is a bit clichéd.
But I'm a ticking time bomb,
That's slowly coming undone.

He said he was queer,
You laughed like I wasn't here.
Truth is I'm a little gay,
That's a lie I'm rainbows all the way.
Now if only you knew,
But that'd never cross your view.
  Sep 2016 AfterImage
Worlds apart
Wreckage alight
A waste of wits
A war of wick

Twisted fancy
Tortured fate
A throne of thorns
A time of terror

Searing suns
Shinning shock
A show of swords
A storm of shame
  Sep 2016 AfterImage
Sometimes less is more,
When more threatens
To become too much.
  Sep 2016 AfterImage
Melissa S
Awakening with your
beautiful words
I find a grateful heart <3
When I do not start my day off with poetry I can tell a difference in my day. Thank you all for the words!
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