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  May 2018 Abhinay Renny
And if you're ever
       feeling lonely
      Just look at the
is looking right at it too
Abhinay Renny Apr 2018
Blazing sun seemed dull
Seeing your bright smile

You smiled. And then was the aura

Stars at height hushed, seeing your bright smiles.

Your smile lit my heart
As the moon lit the sky

You smiled. And then was the aura.
Enticing and enchanting the soul.
Abhinay Renny Apr 2018
Take me into your corners.
Swallow me into the depths

For, I wish a life in you
Seeking love
Seeing the sea inside

O Sea!
Swallow me!

Set me free in your womb
Let me sail in your depths

O Sea!
Swallow me.
Abhinay Renny Apr 2018

For she lived as she wanted
Strayed Not!
Secluded Not!
Life happened
Helming her to dreary days

Crowd cornered her, cussing!
Consumerism cheered her cries

Strayed Not!
Secluded Not!

Twilight is all that remained
Teased her to stay awake till sunrise

Life is what all we have.
Gratitude is all we need
Love and Peace is what world need.
Abhinay Renny Apr 2018
You seem to be eternal
   Touch of you tinges my soul
For I crave to have you
All of you
O Sea!
Sail upon me
For I’m seeking you

  Dec 2017 Abhinay Renny
Whether you fall in love with a poem or not
greatly depends on how you read it.
Abhinay Renny Aug 2017
Life was a night without the moon, Soaring in darkness.

Life was a dark tunnel
Seeking the light at the end.

Life was no more without a light
When she streaked at my sight.

Blue  blemished, bearing the white.
Purple purged out the pure emotions.

It's her eyes that are revealed
And colours are ephemeral lasting at a flick.
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