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  Jun 2014 Presence
Miss X
From the 41st floor
she looked down
she fell
and she fell
boy, how she fell
Felt the wind in her hair
In her stomach
In her entire body
But she never hit ground
she was already a dead soul
Unable to feel pain
Unable to be happy
Unable to feel alive
  May 2014 Presence
is what i call myself
when i'm alone
when it's dark and late
when the thoughts attack me
when my hands pull at my hair
when my tears threaten to fall
as i scream out and curse your name
ever since my angel left
i have never been the same
Presence May 2014
Last night I dreamt,
that somebody loved me
     no hope no harm
just another false alarm
Presence May 2014
we are all in the same game
just different levels
dealing with the smame hell
just different devils
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