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  Feb 2020 Yonwato
why would you call it love when you knew it wasn't
Yonwato Feb 2020
You were my soul mate,
You left with my soul.
Yonwato Feb 2020
And when the thought of you crosses my mind, I get grief-stricken .

I'm always desolated.
This is just how I feel about someone I lost.
Yonwato Feb 2020
And sometimes I just want to feel the pain,
the swift, sharp pain of a heart being pierced,
Not because I love the pain,
but because of the relief which comes after.
These are the thoughts of a depressed soul. Be kind
  Feb 2020 Yonwato
And when you left
I overwatered all your flowers
  Feb 2020 Yonwato
Chuck Kean

         Love is so hard to find
Love is so easy to lose
Love can be so blind
Love can bring the blues

We take the risk and we leap
We give ourselves as we fall
We are cautious and secrets we keep
We can’t reveal it all

Time has left us weary
Time saddens the soul
Time has left us leery
Time has a way to take its toll

Love is what we all desire
Love can steal our heart
Love can light our fire
Love can tear us apart

We know what it is to be broken and lost
Yet our mind fails to be agile
It is reckless with the ultimate cost
For the heart can be so fragile

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 02/07/2020
All rights reserved
Yonwato Feb 2020
I am the darkness, I engulf anything in my path
I destroy cities, I destroy lives
I fight the light, and **** the bright
Sometimes you just feel like you were made to ruin things
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