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Y Rada Jun 2018
Oh behold goddess of depression
Embrace my being in your darkness
Breathe to me your life’s essence
That I may sleep for all eternity…

Guide me to become one with you
Let me be your ****** here on earth
Answer through silence and tears
Oh sweet goddess, hear my pleas!

I prostrate in your holy presence
I curl into a fetal position when sad
Take my heart away from the light
And smother me with your love.

I bathe in the muck of your existence
I eat nothingness but silver droplets
From my eyes, nose, mouth and heart
Take me – take me as your prophetess!
Y Rada Jun 2018
We met that night at a bookstore,
We clicked right there and then
We exchanged kisses and body liquids
And then - -
You ****** me thoroughly on my bed
And I ****** you ******* the floor –
It ended - -
You left the next morning with a note:
“Had a great time with you last night!
Just call me if you need me.
Yours, Melancholy.”
To all melancholics out there.
Y Rada Jun 2018
How utterly unfair for some
Women to have many lovers
And sometimes at the same time
While women like me are placed
On the ******* shelves –
Dusty, dry and lonely.
bitter hahahaha!!!
Y Rada Jun 2018
I courted myself many ******* times
And I rejected myself every time - -
hahaha i'm laughing while writing this..
Y Rada May 2018
You are a friend to other people but are You my friend?
You treat them with special care but do you treat me thus?
You give them all: time, love, effort but why do you give me little?
You say you love me truly or do you really love me?
Or do you love me because you want something from me?

I hear 'Dear Lord', 'Please Lord', 'Help me Lord',
'Forgive me Lord', 'I love you Lord';
And yet in reality - honestly you do not really care...
You call me when you are hurt, discouraged, failed -
Yet you do not think of me when you are happy.

Am I just a Genie or a Santa Claus to you?
Do you even like me -the "me" - the real me?
Or do you come to me because I am very rich?
Do you even believe that I am real and alive?

You cry when your friends hurt you
Yet you never recognized that I dry your tears -
You deny my attempts to bring you closer - -
It's ironic that you say I cannot understand what you feel - -
I created you in my own image, my strength, my love, my emotions, my prayers

When you feel that others do not love you
Remember - you turn away from me many times
And the feeling of unrequited love you have from others?
I oftentimes feel this one way love from you ...
It hurts, isn't it? That you love and they give back a little - - ?

I know the feeling....I do know the feeling...
But I love you even if you are like that...
I made this during the creatives session of Camp Farthest Out - local camp last May 12,2018. I felt that this was God's reply to my questions about unrequited love, friendship, etc. haha
Y Rada May 2018
I saw you at a wedding once
you're so handsome and slick
so cool with lumberjack looks
my heart flluttered with thrill

Y'never knew that I looked at you
from the corners of my spectacles
You are like a graceful panther
I would be willing to be a prey


I accepted my limitations though
your whole attention was on her
the bridesmaid who glittered
romance budded in the atmosphere

And I stood there to witness...
dedicated to that guy whom i saw at my cousin's wedding hahahahhahahaaaaa!!!!!
Y Rada Feb 2018
​I was young and full of dreams
Wanting to be with you always
So I let my black hair grow long
'Til it would reach your heart​

You glanced at me many times
And I was too shy to confess
I looked at the skies everyday
As I brushed my cascading mane

I imagined your hands on me
Your fingers were so soft
Telling me that you adore me
As you ******* my long hair

The sun gave way to the moon
Silky black turned to gray
But still my hair is flowing
Past my untamed bitter heart

I look sadly at the starlit skies
When I alone brush my long tresses
Remembering regrets of the past
And knowing you bind up her hair.
This is my first poem in 2018. I got inspired with the Beautiful Chinese Music - Binding Up My Hair. The melody is so beautiful and melancholic.
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