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45.3k · Oct 2018
Xoaquín Oznian Oct 2018
Come on.

Come on baby.

Don't be selfish tonight.

Let's be lovers.

Let's be more generous.

Let's be more nurturing and caring to each other

As we taste and explore each other's bodies

Open your legs.

Let me extend my generosity

To the legends within your hidden temple

An abundance of *** in the air

Is the sound of your voice

As you moan without care

I get so ***** thinking of you kissing my neck

and touching me in the sexiest places the way you know that I like.

I just need you on top of me right now.

My body yearns for you constantly.

It has grown so deeply attached to you that it craves your ***

and needs it to facilitate a healthy, ****** release

So come on baby

Don't be selfish, it's alright

Give me all of you


You'll be moaning with delight.
8.3k · Dec 2018
Hurts So Good
Xoaquín Oznian Dec 2018
[Hurts So Good by Astrid S is playing in the background]

"Do you feel important now?"
you asked me in a gentle whisper
as you were caressing/kissing me
I said "Hell yeah I feel important."
"Good" you said
"Do you?" I asked
"This is not about me. It's about you." you said
You smiled as you touched my face
as you pressed your ****, seductive body into mine
A blossoming trail of infinite kisses followed
tears in your eyes
lust on your lips
seduction in your voice
my hands on your hips
your hands on my body
tight was your grip
tight were your lips
the deeper you pressed them
into my neck
my nails digging into your skin
I cry at the very craving of you
what have you done to me?
hurts so good
4.8k · Apr 2017
Fuck The Pain Away
Xoaquín Oznian Apr 2017
Shut the **** up
Step inside
You can take my clothes off
I'll take yours off too
Tell me your story
Feed me your pain
I'll tell you my story
Cleanse you of shame
What I desire
What you desire
Nothing but skin
No emotion required
Touch me
I'll kiss you
**** me
I'll eat you
Just climb on top of me
Ride that **** until your body is sore
And we can **** all night
**** to forget
I'll **** the tears right out of your eyes
Let's just **** the pain away
**** the ******* pain away
4.0k · Feb 2019
;) I Signed Your Boobs ;P
Xoaquín Oznian Feb 2019
[Intoxicated by Freemasons is playing in the background]

(A smokin' hot intoxicated woman walks up to me initiating a conversation in the club.)

Kadija: Hey I couldn't help but notice your gorgeous self from across the room!
Me: I can definitely say the same about you. Matter of fact I'm saying it right now because I'm a free spirit lol.
(We both laughed)
Kadija: You're so **** hot!
(She grabs my face and starts making out with me very passionately.)
(The kiss lingers for about a minute and a half.)
(She then breaks the kiss. Both of us gasp for breath.)
Me: You're pretty ******* hot too!
Kadija: Can you sign my *****?"
Me: Sure I love signing chicks *****! It's one of the best **** party favors in America!
Kadija: I know right!
(She pulls her top down flashing her beautiful tan ***** and tan *******.)
(She briefly rubs/twists her *******.)
(I sign her ***** and put a smiley emoji along with a smiley with shades finishing her off with a deep kiss on each of her ***** giving a little bit of tongue swirling action across her *******.)
Kadija: Whoo! Hell yeah!
(She shakes her ***** from side to side and briefly jumps and down. I was mesmerized by the way they were moving up and down then puts them back into her top.)
Kadija: Thanks for the kiss babe!
Me: No prob. You have beautiful *******. I like them.
Kadija: They like you too lol.
(Grinning from ear to ear I smile.)
Kadija: Come on baby give them a squeeze lol.
(I grab her ******* and squeeze them.)
(She grips my **** through my pants and starts rubbing it.)
Kadija: Mmm thanks babe. These ***** have been needing a little TLC anyway. They've been bored to death and needed a little fun and excitement.
(We both laughed again.)
Kadija: But if you really wanna see them in action there is a bathroom right behind us.
Me: I'm down
Kadija: Come on baby let's go.
1.7k · Jan 2019
Xoaquín Oznian Jan 2019
[Now Or Never by Halsey is playing in the background.]

There is just something in the way that you hold me.
Something in the tenderness of your lips as they serenade my skin
As they dance gradually across the nape of my neck
"**** your lips they feel so good." I said
"Can you put them all over me?" I asked
"Yes, baby if that's what you like." she said
As she continued to kiss me I said
"As many different forms of love that are present in this universe
I never thought that your style of love would feel so good."
"Love is always present in many different forms." she said
"Love comes in so many different shapes and sizes." she said
"Just take a look at the two of us."
"Don't you see how beautiful we are?" she asked
"Yes." I said
"Can you feel how connected we are right now?" she asked
"Yes." I said
"The atmosphere is majestic." she said
"Our very energy within this room is vibrant and magnetic."
"Your voice, my voice, our voices shake the room with pleasure
every moment that we speak."
"And right now all I wanna do is color your skin with my breath."
"Just wanna cover your body in my lipstick."
She began kissing me in the weakest spot on my body: My *******
She ****** them tight and gentle
softly blowing over them and kissing them
"Mmm yeah." I said as I chuckled in subtle whispers."
"She then got behind me and started kissing the nape of my neck and kissing up and down and across my back while massaging my chest as she held me from behind
rubbing my ******* as she whispered softly in my ears "I love you."
as her breathing became faster and heavier.
"Let's ****." she said
"No need to tell me twice." I said
1.5k · Feb 2017
Spread Your Legs
Xoaquín Oznian Feb 2017
Lay down for me baby
Spread your legs
Let me get you off
Let me lick that pretty *****
With my tongue I'll melt all of your worries away
The way my tongue is sliding up and down your slit
I see that it has your body slightly shaking
I'll have you crying rivers of pleasure
Thicker than the ocean that your ***** is about to become
Just let me add a little bit of pressure to your ****
You like the way that feels?
Well I like the way you moan and toss my hair
I slide one of my fingers into your *******
You let out a sudden but **** little gasp
I start ******* your ****, tight little *******
You moan louder as you squeeze my head like a stress ball
As I continue to lick your *****
And that's when you *** so intense, so fast, so hard
All I can do is sit there and stare deep into that pretty crevice between your legs as I bask in the after effects of my work
I then finish the job by softly kissing you along your inner thighs and give you one more deep, wet kiss on your ***** as I close the gap with a trail of kisses across your hips
1.3k · Feb 2017
Fuck It Deeper
Xoaquín Oznian Feb 2017
I want your body...
I want to kiss your body
I want to kiss your hands
I want to kiss your lips
I want to kiss your neck
I want to kiss your *******
I want to kiss your thighs
I want to kiss your skin
I want to **** that **** little *****
I want to lick it up until you are begging for mercy
I want to kiss your **** little *** cheeks
Mmm... I'm licking my lips just thinking about
the taste of your *** as it hits my lips
I wanna lick every part of it
The very sight of it got me drooling like a ******* baby
I want to **** it, **** it, squeeze it, please it
I want to lay you on the bed and spread your **** *** legs
And go downtown for hours
As I take my time pleasuring your precious ****
I wanna hear you moan
I wanna hear you scream my name
I wanna *** your body just right
Because that *** got me addicted to your body
Your body is the prize of a thousand wet dreams
Sit that big, **** *** in my lap
And work my **** like only you know how
Twerk it, twist it, squeeze my ****
Go faster, go harder
**** it baby...
**** it deeper...
**** it deeper...
**** it deeper...
**** it deeper...
**** it deeper...
**** it deeper....
Mmm it feels so good
Don't stop...
Touch me there....
Kiss me there....
Make me moan
Make me scream
Make it loud
Make me cream
Make my body feel all of the sensations
That you know you can make it feel
Because the feeling of your body against mine
Just makes me melt and I lose my ******* mind
As you rub up and down
****... ****.... Let me get that ***** baby
Let me show your body what its been missing
1.1k · Jan 2019
Xoaquín Oznian Jan 2019
[High You Are (Branchez Remix) by What So Not & Branchez playing in the background]

We were both naked that night
sitting comfortably on a hotel bed
As we smoked a bowl together
from your fancy ****
the high hit us both
with waves of desire
Lust in our *****
Love in our hearts
Liberation in our souls
You grabbed my face
and started making out with me
with such passionate aggression
the moment being intensely beautiful
the night being so dangerously young
"Let's make this night last forever." you said to me
"We'll be young forever." you said
with a deep breath of passion following your kiss
with tears in my eyes I said "We will."
with the same expression you said "Perfect."
You pushed me down onto the bed
Got on top and continued to French kiss me
Rubbing your ***** and moaning into my ear
I'm licking and ******* your *******
as you take my **** and insert it
into your gorgeous *****
you started off riding me slow
asking me "How do you like it?"
"Faster, baby." I said
"Be careful what you wish for lol" you said in a *****, **** little whisper
As you ****** the tears right out of my eyes
"I want to pleasure you." you said
"I want to make you feel so ******* good." you said
"It's okay to cry baby." you said
"I know it feels good." you said
"**** right" I said gasping for breath while laughing at the same time
You laughing with me as you briefly collapsed on top of me
You got back up and started kissing me again
[Unforgettable by French Montana & Swae Lee starts playing.]
"Harder, baby" I said
"Lol I never thought you were daring enough to want to *** down mother nature's throat!" you said as you kissed my lips repeatedly in succession
"Don't underestimate me lol"
"Actually scratch that because as long as I'm under you
I don't even give a **** because the scent of you clouds my brain with such blissful emotion and euphoria."
"That's what you're supposed to feel silly." you said
"Now close that pretty mouth of yours and let me love you." you said
"The night is still young."
"Let us be."
'Let this be."
Random foreign chick I hooked up with after the club.
999 · Feb 2017
Xoaquín Oznian Feb 2017
Valentina:*  *What are you doing after the club baby?

Me:  I don't know yet. I might hit up another club. I have two other ladies with me. Wanna come with?

Valentina:  Actually, I'm feeling really ***** and I just wanna have some fun.  You should bring those ladies with you. We could all have a foursome. ;)

Me:   Count me in

Valentina:  Mmm yeah daddy.  Meet me at my hotel.  I'll text you the address.

Me:  You got the condoms?

Valentina:  Yeah baby. I have champagne too.  Just bring that **** body of yours ;)

Me:  Cool. I'm on my way.

Valentina:  Don't be late

Me:  Say no more

Valentina:  *xo
912 · Mar 2017
Xoaquín Oznian Mar 2017
So much excitement fills my body
When we sext
Looking at photos of your beautiful, naked body
Makes my **** want to explode
So much pre-*** around the head of it
Your skin is so flawless
The shape of your curves just drives me wild
I think about touching, licking and ******* them
and ******* every orifice of your body
Until a waterfall of pleasure erupts
From between your tan, **** thighs
It looks like home to me
A very, warm, wet pleasurable home
So let me bring unspeakable pleasure to you baby
878 · Jun 2017
Little Wet Cunt
Xoaquín Oznian Jun 2017
Oh my....
What a ******* **** sight you are
About 5'11" in your ******* hot *** ***** pink dress along with your **** long, gorgeous black hair and your fashionably seductive hoop earrings, enticing, Spanish green eyes and smile
Well you did tell me you were Spanish/Italian like Selena Gomez Definitely lit my ******* soul up and I felt myself losing my breath
You asked me what my name is
I said "Xoaquin what's yours?"
"Just call me little wet ****" you said with your ****, wet breath as you whispered into my ear
So then I said "Ooooh ok little wet ****. You're so naughty."
I said "Listen you see that girl up there? Well I was thinking about getting a dance from both of you."
You said "Oh ok well let's go."
You escorted me to the stage in the center of the V.I.P. to watch the other girl until her song was over. The three of us went into the V.I.P. and you both climbed on top of me. I started grabbing her ***** but I started grabbing yours too. I was actually more into you. You're way sexier. I believe I told you that as we were by the stage
You said "You're very ****."
I said "Thank you."
I then said "Well I know you don't need me to tell you because you already know that you are ****."
You said "Thank you baby."
Fast forward back to the moment. Kaylie started putting​ her **** ******* in my face while you grinded your soft **** Latin *** up and down my ****. You have great rhythm. Loved the touch/feel of your skin. I loved​ how both of you rubbed your ******* and ***** all over. You both have very thick round juicy tender ***** and I loved every inch of them. Every inch of skin. Every inch of thickness within my grip
You both smelled very good. I loved your scent especially between your *****. Felt/smelled so nice.
Hope I see you again "little wet ****"
Even moreso I hope that I get to taste you next time
832 · Feb 2017
Friends With Benefits
Xoaquín Oznian Feb 2017
["Bloodflows" by Sohn is playing in the background]

Every night I envision the two of us
Inside a beautiful room with dim lights
Just the two of us naked
You standing right in front of me
Those beautiful ******* softly swinging
Those wondrous ******* protruding
The **** near flawless symmetry of your legs
The way your hands swing from side to side as you walk towards me
You smile at me as you wrap your arms around me from behind
Both hands around my waist
You lean in to kiss my neck
You kiss me so soft and so deep with a little bit of aggression
My **** begins to grow hard as you take it into your grip
and begin gently squeezing it and stroking it
Your other hand squeezing my *** cheeks
I beg you not to stop
As the feeling is electric
I have never ever felt anything like it
You take your hand from my ***
and reach around to my chest and with your fingers
You start rubbing my ******* very lightly
You know that's another weak spot of mine
You start stroking my other ****** with your fingers
Just lightly stroking my ******* with both hands
As you continue to kiss my neck
I've never felt so loved
Keep doing that to me baby
You know the way I like it
Can I just be here with you in this moment a little longer?
'Cause I have such strong ****** feelings towards you
I honestly want to *******
Maybe we could be friends with benefits
And **** each other to our heart's desires
Maybe you'll like the way my tongue feels
Once your legs are spread wide open
and your ***** is right in front of my mouth
There are a lot of things I think you'd love
If we were friends with benefits
811 · Apr 2017
Eat Me
Xoaquín Oznian Apr 2017
Open your ******* lips
And let me **** your pretty mouth
I don't give a **** where we're at
Just take my ******* belt off
pull my ******* pants down
and just eat me....
Eat me fast, eat me slow
Eat me deep, don't let go
Swirl that tongue around the tip
Feels so good
Eat & eat & eat & eat.....
You know you want this *** in your mouth
You know you wanna swallow me
You know you love the taste of me
**** that **** baby
Eat that **** baby
Make me remember you...
689 · Feb 2017
Dirty Talk
Xoaquín Oznian Feb 2017
She: Come here daddy. I wanna see how hard your **** can get. Let me turn you on. I'll make you fall in love with me. I'll make you feel like it's your first time.

He: Baby I don't even believe in love. I'm of an entirely different religion. It's between your thighs and judging by the hardness of my **** I'd say it's fairly active with its prayers.

She: Mmm... well let me just lie back and spread my legs open for you daddy because your prayers are about to be answered.

(She spreads her legs wide open)

He: ****. That ***** is gorgeous.

She: Come on daddy. Come closer... Touch it... Lick it... Make me wet.... Make me say your name.....

(She starts rubbing her *****)

He: Baby you know when you talk to me like that I can't resist.

She: Mmm I see your **** is super hard now. Let me play with him a little before I baptize him lol.

He: Alright but just so you know, blessings have no effect on him. He does whatever the **** he wants and right now he just wants to **** your ***** little mouth

She: Mmm... well let's explore his talents because I guarantee you that he will be glad that he met me.

To Be Continued
622 · Feb 2017
Oh Fuck!
Xoaquín Oznian Feb 2017
Your lips they felt so nice
They felt so ******* nice
As you pressed them against my neck
You gave me a deep, wet, intense, ****, little kiss
My gosh I love the feeling of them
The way your lips trailed
Slipping and sliding
Up and down
It made me moan uncontrollably
The power of your lips... Oh ****
They ******* turned me on so ******* much
Especially when you hugged me so tightly and intensely as if you didn't want to let me go
It amped things up even higher
I lost my breath in the moment
And my heart stopped for a few seconds
**** baby you know just what I like
I just wanna squeeze and **** those **** ******* of yours
I love how your ******* grow ***** to my touch
Makes me feel like a man
Makes me feel special
****... I....
I want more....
(licks lips)
Come here baby
621 · Dec 2018
I Want You
Xoaquín Oznian Dec 2018
[Summer's Over (Sammy Adams Remix) by JAYLIEN & Sammy Adams playing in the background.]

Come here baby
let me keep you warm
let me wrap my arms around you
let me hold you while I kiss the nape of your neck
let me give you the feeling of passion and pleasure
feel me as I'm breathing into your ear
feel me as I am kissing you beneath your earlobes
"Mmm baby" you say
before we know it
I'm unbuttoning your jeans
slowly sliding them off of your beautiful hips
and down your **** legs
you grab me by my waist and take my shirt off
you throw me on the bed
you start kissing my neck
as you are unbuckling my belt
unzipping my pants
you kiss my neck harder
making me moan
as you're rubbing on my *******
so tender, so gentle, so sweet
I roll over on top of you
you lay beneath me
staring deeply into my eyes
smiling while softly biting your finger
with that alluring look in your eyes
you cup my face in your hands
as I lean in to kiss you
we share a deep, passionate French kiss
as our lips are still pressed together you whisper
"I want you."
you begin reaching into my boxers
gently massaging my **** with your hands
"I want your ****" you whisper to me
You take my hands and put them right above your g string
"Take it off baby." you say
I start pulling your ******* off
kissing you from hip to hip
you moan softly
you then sit up, grab my face and continue to kiss me so passionately
caressing my body with your sweet, tender hands
rubbing all over my shoulders and back.
"You got a **** back you know that?" you said as you chuckled
"Has anyone ever told you that?" you asked
"I don't hear that very often but thanks lol." I said as I chuckled back
"Oooh and you have a **** *** too... lol"
you said as you squeezed my *** and gave it a light smack
you lean in and whisper in my ear
"Everything is gonna be alright, baby."
you then continue to kiss my neck
as I moan passionately into your ear.
A hot, **** hook up between me and a Romanian woman named Lavinia
613 · Feb 2017
Xoaquín Oznian Feb 2017
I don't do "love" nor do I believe in it
So I'll say that I am wildly and erotically attracted to them.
The strip clubs happen to be my church because as Jay-Z & Kanye once said "Ain't No Church In The Wild" and in the wild the laws of attraction exist only in the minds of dreamers
Everything about a stripper's lifestyle excites me endlessly
It's arousing to watch the ****** chemistry of their legs gently touching as they walk back and forth between stages.
I just want to kiss all of them between their pretty thighs and to have the miracles of their little ******* sing sweet *** to the sins of my mouth
The first thing I usually notice about a stripper is the *** because I'm an *** man and I get a small but nice amount of stimulation from the way the cheeks swing back and forth when they are on the move. Makes me just want to bend them over, spread their cheeks and just lick their **** little buttholes all night long (if they're clean of course)
I also love when they shake their ******* in front of me. The intense ****** satisfaction I get as they swing back and forth is ******* mesmerizing. The ******* are my breaking point because that's when I lose all control especially when they rub them and moan for me a little.
I particularly love watching them as they smoke their cigarettes. I always imagine my **** being in place of those cigarettes. ******* on a **** is far healthier.
Lastly I just love every inch of flawless skin that they display.
I don't give a **** about you ******* crying "She/he's a *****.", "She/he has mommy/daddy issues." "She has AIDS/***
Strippers are beautiful to me.
And I look at them as humans with higher *** drives, doper personalities and better social skills than you.
Has it ever occurred to you that some strippers perform because they are passionate about their work?

P.S. Not all of them have STDs
Xoaquín Oznian Feb 2017
I need your body here right now
Pressed against me in the moonlight
I know you want it
You know I want it
I need to strip you down to nakedness
I need to lay you down
Upon the soft, soothing sheets of this bed
I need to release this emotional attachment
I need this pleasure
I need the pleasure of me between your legs
I need the pleasure of your legs wrapping tightly around my back
I need the pleasure of your ****** massaging my ***** while you moan your deepest ****** fantasies into the wild jungle that is the night
Into the wild jungle that is our ****** desire
I need you ******* my ears with your sweet, *****, enticing whispers.
I need you to cloud my entire functionality with ***
To relieve me of my painful reality
Drown everything out with ***
Let the music of our mouths be the soundtrack for tonight
Don't let me down
Don't let me feel any pain
Touch me anywhere
Kiss me everywhere
I'll cry like a newborn
Because every time you make me feel like I've been rebirthed
****** nature never felt so arousing
****** nature never felt so pleasurable
****** nature never sounded so beautiful
****** nature never tasted so pleasant
****** nature never made me... *** so hard...
Oh baby... Make me ***, ***, ***
Over and over until I can't feel anything
Until I am numb
Because I don't want to feel nothing but your body
Because I don't want to feel nothing but your ***
567 · Mar 2017
Sexual Liberation
Xoaquín Oznian Mar 2017
You make my **** so hard
All the ******* time
You make me moan
You make me scream
You make me cry
You make me feel free
I never have to worry
About anything with you
I can be my *****, freaky, nasty, ****** self around you
When me and you talk our conversations get so intense
Things get heated so quickly and we end up getting off so ******* much
Our bodies speak to each other on a level I have never felt before
You make my soul beg for more of your sweet, **** words
Keep giving me what I want
And I'll keep giving you what you want
Keep turning me on
And I'll keep turning you on
Don't stop
And I won't stop
Let's continue to be sexually free together
521 · Feb 2019
Xoaquín Oznian Feb 2019
[Did You Wrong by Sweater Beats & MAX is playing in the background]

All I want tonight
All I need tonight
Touch me so...
Touch me, whoa...
♥Feelings ♥
the feeling


Do it again.

Kiss me, ooh
Kiss me low
Kiss and blow

Take control
Let ☆YOU☆ go

Scream & shout
Let it out

'Cause it's so easy
To run from the truth
513 · Mar 2017
Xoaquín Oznian Mar 2017
Mmm I can't get enough of your lips
I can't get enough of your touch
I can't get enough of your *****
I can't get enough of your body
You're such a great lover
I love the way you kiss me as you grip me tight
As our bodies are rocking to the rhythm of the night
Your kisses they make me feel so loved
You make me feel so loved
I love how your skin feels in my hands
It's the best feeling in the world
The way you moan in my ear
**** it's so hot
It gets me so high
It makes me cry
It makes me *******
It makes me ***
I need you on top of me
Just the two of our bodies together
The closeness takes me to another planet
It takes me to the stars
And I really love the way your ears feel to my lips
As I moan in your ear
Mmm... so soft, so precious, so ****
I love the way you kiss me right above my hips
**** and bite, **** and bite, **** and bite
Feels so ******* good
Please don't stop
Please don't stop....
You got me wanting more and more of you
More and more....
and more and more....
and more and more...
**** I need your body
I can't get enough of your body
Give me more
Right ******* now....
507 · Mar 2017
Xoaquín Oznian Mar 2017
It was the three of us
In a booth
In the V.I.P.
Her ***** in my face
Your *** ferociously squeezing and sliding up and down my ****
And her touching and stroking my legs
I had such a fun time
I felt like I was in ****** heaven
As she kept riding my face with her *****
As you kept riding my **** with your ***
I couldn't help but moan into her *****
As you continued to pleasure my **** so intensely
While she continued to rub my body
I felt so much pleasure from all over
I was about to ***
Never felt pleasure quite like that
And on top of that I had a 5th of pineapple Ciroc
Oh the feels
Oh the ******* feels...
500 · Feb 2019
◊ Shapes ⬡
Xoaquín Oznian Feb 2019
[Nocturnal by Disclosure & The Weeknd is playing in the background.]

I know I love ***.
You know I love ***
Everybody knows I love ***
Though it's hard to sleep
when lately every lady that I meet
when lately every lady that I ****
I see pieces of you in all of them
I see shapes of you
within the shape of her
When she's under me
or when I'm under her
The moaning, the passion, the sweat
Elicits the sweet memories of you
The feeling of the wetness of your *****
Against the landscapes of my fingertips
the softness of your sweet, supple *******
the warmth of your breath in my ear
as I continue to rub your ***** lovingly
the way your hand caresses my face
the way your body moves counterclockwise with mine
I try to tell myself that I'll move on from you
I try to run away from you
I try to forget you
but how can I forget you?
when you're everywhere I lay my head?
464 · Mar 2017
Xoaquín Oznian Mar 2017
So I hit the ******* again
Stuffed my ******* face with *****
I don't do that ******* stage tipping ****
I call the girls over to me
Then I hand them the money
I called you over to me
You walked me to the V.I.P.
We were laughing on the way there
You sat me down
You took your top off
You had gorgeous ******* by the way
Your ******* looked really cute
You turned around and put your *** in my lap
I loved the way your thick, tight muscular *** was stroking my ****
It felt so good
I didn't want to stop paying you
I couldn't stop paying you
I get a lot of pleasure out of just the act of paying for pleasure
I loved the way your *** felt to the touch of my hand
I loved feeling and squeezing the muscles of your *** cheeks as you flexed them within my grasp
Ooh it felt so nice
The sensation was addicting
I also loved the hot warming sensation of your mouth on my **** and the vibration of your tongue on it
It felt ******* incredible
Made my eyes roll into the back of my ******* head
You're like my luscious little ******* play thing
And all I want is to eat you up
Xoaquín Oznian Feb 2017
She: Btw I just want to let you know how much I want to be with you and also just by messaging you and thinking of you I get wet

Me: I want to be with you too and I get ***** too when we try new things like this. New things excite me.

She: Nowadays you've made me ***** a lot more. I'm so naughty babe.

Me: I like that I am able to make you feel this way

She: Mi amor makes me a bad girl

Me: And I love that you're so naughty; It makes me feel so **** to know this

She: You are **** as ****

Me: You're way sexier my love

She: You're **** fine. So um babe I've been having this thought a lot more lately and I want this sooo **** bad. I get very wet when I think about it. I just want to get on you and make your **** mine.

Me: I have been thinking about it a lot too lately. Makes me rock hard. You always got me hard.

She: I swear I melt for you; And then to think you'll hold me still and feel your hands on me while I'm making *** to you. ****!!!

Me: Hells yeah babe. ****!!!

She: Babe when I go to sleep I always feel like I want you to come and be with me and to be honest I have also slept with my legs open.

Me: Like in a ****** position?

She: Yeah ****

Me: ****, now I'm rubbing my **** through my jeans

She: Oh God I want that. I wish I could be touching and rubbing it instead. **** it.

Me: Me too babe. When I think of your legs spread wide open it just makes me hot.

She: You make me hot all the time thinking about your **** and having it inside of me

Me: Come and **** me please

She: Mi amor yes I will

Me: **** my brains out. Make me scream mami

She: Picture me naked in bed with my legs spread saying to you "Come here mi amor" with my finger in a very *****, **** tone.

Me: **** you say all the right things and best of all you know just what to say to get me going.

She: I want to make you faint from the sweetest pleasure you have ever known baby.

Me: Come on over

She: I'll be there within the hour
408 · Mar 2017
Blood Rush
Xoaquín Oznian Mar 2017
I remember, I remember
That night
I remember
When I walked up in the club
Got my drinks
Grabbed a seat
Then you came up to me
You sat down next to me
We engaged in some small talk
To get our blood streams flowing
I loved how when you asked me if my hands were cold
I said "Yes very cold."
You took my hands and rubbed them between yours
until they were warm
and then you placed them on your soft, luscious, gorgeous, gigantic *******
You allowed me to feel all over them
So I squeezed the **** out of those *******
They felt so sweet and soft within my grasp
The warmth of them just made me ******* melt on the inside
You let me finish my drinks
We continued chatting
We went to the V.I.P.
We found a booth
You got on top of me and started grinding
Fast & hard, fast & hard
Twist & turn
Fast & hard
You took your top off
You were really *****
I could tell by how hard your ******* were
They were huge yet gorgeous
They felt like tootsie rolls in my mouth
So soft and so sweet
and your *** was to die for
A sensual chocolate delight
You let me continue to **** on your ******* multiple times
As you seemed to enjoy the sensation of my hot mouth/hot breath on your *******
As you turned around and started grinding your *** in my lap
I gently smacked and buried my face in it
Your *** felt so ******* ****
Your *** felt so ******* amazing
On my face
So warm, so natural, so wonderful
But that was nothing compared to what was in store for the rest of the night
377 · Feb 2017
Sex Workers
Xoaquín Oznian Feb 2017
I notice that I get along well with women who are *** workers
****... strippers, escorts, prostitutes, **** stars you name it.
I get along with women in that line of work more often than the average person
Probably because they all have something that I want
And that something is *** and partying
No, I'm not afraid to say it
There's just something about them
The provocative way that they dress
The sensual smell of fragrances that they wear
The way they wear their **** me pumps
It just inspires me and turns me on
And it makes me want to reward them
In a private room for rewarding me with
The once in a lifetime pleasure of viewing
The beautiful shapes of their gorgeous bodies.
262 · Jan 2019
Wherever You Are
Xoaquín Oznian Jan 2019
[Better Now (Troye Sivan Spotify Singles Cover) is playing in the background]

I envy how you are able to move on so quickly
usually I am able to do the same thing
but there was something in the way we connected
the emotion ran so deep
it took over the two of us
so hot, so heavy, so fast
you and I both know **** well
that we never wanted this to end
but deep down inside we both knew
that this would crash and burn as fast as it started
wherever you are
do you ever think of me when you touch yourself?
do you ever miss your body being on top of mine?
do you feel me when you're ******* him?
my heart wants to know
my soul needs to know
232 · May 2018
Horny Eternity/Melt
Xoaquín Oznian May 2018
**** baby....
Your lips are my addiction
So soft, so tender, so firm....
We could just lay here as long as we want
You touching me/Me touching you
You ******* me/Me ******* you
You kissing me/Me kissing you
You rubbing me/Me rubbing you
Right here...
Alone together...
In this ***** eternity
How I eternally crave
That hypnotizing wetness
that is the cavern of skin
Between those vanilla thighs
Mmm... I just wanna kiss and lick you up
I just wanna lick you dry
I just wanna make your body cry
A **** ballad of pleasure, passion and lust
Come on baby just lay back
Spread those sweet legs
Let me show that little ***** some lovin'
Come on open your legs for me
Please baby....
I promise I'll melt your worries away
I'll make you melt too
I'll make you melt away with me
Come on baby... melt away with me...
Melt away with me...
Let's melt away together
Let us melt away into the night
Because I missed your sweet body
I missed your body so so much....
I missed every inch of you so much...
222 · May 2018
Sex Me Up
Xoaquín Oznian May 2018
Mmm oooh yeah
That feels so ******* good baby
Oooh I love the way that you *** my body
Oooh the way that you rub, kiss and **** my *******
Mmm I love the way your lips feel when they touch my body
I love the way your lips feel when you press them against my skin
Mmm oooh baby they make me quiver and shake with intense pleasure
Mmm I love the way your hands feel as you grab, ***** and stroke my body
Baby your soft, **** hands know how to handle me
They make me feel so **** safe
Oooh yeah just keep touching me like that
Mmm yeah.... oooh yeah.... Right there mmm just the way I like it
Oooh yeah baby **** me like the little ***** that I am
Because I've been such a bad boy
I've been so naughty and I need to be punished
Mmm yeah baby... No one can make me moan the way that you do
No one can touch me the way you do
No one can kiss/**** me the way that you do
The ****** chemistry between us feels so incredible
I can't describe how I feel when your body is pressed against mine
I can't describe the places that you take my body when it is within your hands
Hot ****.... I ******* love the way you feel
I ******* love the way you feel in my hands
I ******* love the way you feel in my arms
I ******* love the way I feel in your hands
I ******* love the way I feel in your arms
I get lost in your eyes by the way you look at me when you're on top of me
mmm baby that feels so good
mmm please don't stop
216 · May 2018
Sex Addict
Xoaquín Oznian May 2018
Him: "You know I love you right?
She: "I know." she says in a *****, ****, whispered tone
She: "Just lay back and let me love you baby mmmm...."
Mmmm the way you kiss me... I love it
The way you touch me in such ****** places
Oooh I crave it so much
I just can't ******* control myself
Baby you make me feel so alive
I can't ******* put into words how you make me feel
I just feel every moment that the two of us experience together
I feel each moment so deeply
Omfg mmmm yeah...
Just do that to me again....
Make me feel that again....
And don't stop.....
I wanna keep going
Make me *** over and over
Make me *** as many times possible
I don't give a **** baby....
Just drown me with ***
Just **** me with your **** body
I don't want to feel nothing else but your **** body and skin
Mmmm yeah.... nothing else has ever felt so right
Oooooh yeah.... You know who the **** I'm talking about
You know who you are....
**** baby you're so wild.....
You drive me so ******* wild.....
And all I crave is more and more....
And more and more.....
Keep ******* me....
*** my body endlessly
**** I love the pleasure!
**** I love the pressure!
Mmmm make me scream baby!
209 · May 2018
Pretty Pussy
Xoaquín Oznian May 2018
Pretty ***** between those thighs
dripping wet as both legs divide
So soft and pink are the lips within
Aching for my sweet lips of sin
Lay back baby, relax your brain
I'll make you quiver
with pleasure and pain
Don't be afraid of
your body's desires
I'll leave you breathless
I'll set your soul on fire
Let my mouth make passionate ***
To your perfect, precious slit
I wanna hear your hot moans
As my tongue dances with your ****
I'll spell the lyrics to your favorite song
and you'll be moaning all night long
Pretty ***** between those thighs
You're gonna have the time of your life

— The End —