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20/M    i wrote poetry, might get back to it someday
Ian Robinson
18/M    Ian is a 18 year-old male from the USA. He is an aspiring poet who hopes he touches the soul
14/Non-binary/Where ever the fuck    I dunno, I'm not on here very much
Don Francisco Luis
44/M/Bayonne, N.J.    Memoirs & Continuing Thoughts
18/F/The Ether    in a high room alone...
F/Washington    I write what I feel and what comes to mind, not the best but it is something.
21/F/Washington    I write bad poems and appreciate comments as to how they might be less bad.
36/M/London    You can support me here:
23/M/Up    Break the beaming light. Matters not.
18/M    All poems posted were written by me under the nom de plume Micheal Karrington. Writing has always been my way of expressing my true emotions. ...
Claire Hanratty
F/Sunderland    Hymn to the Dope
Brandon Chutuk
26/M/Washington, USA    Most of my poetry comes out of anxiety, mania, and both a disinterest and love for the mundanity in life. Inter-personal reactions, nature, and some ...
Simon Nader
36/M/Vancouver, BC, Canada   
23/F    Just a girl, writting her feelings out. Very emotional and impulsive
17/Gender Fluid/Lost in this cruel world    Just trying to ease my depression and anxiety with poetry.
21/M    There is nothing to say about me. Every letter of my poems is different shade of my persona. Read me and discover me.
18/F/Philippines    we are both the cursed, and the holy.
This account is being used to post poems created by a poetry generator throughout its implementation. Any constructive criticism is welcome :) See source code ...
Evan Palmer
M/Michigan    I have a penis
L Leonelli
18/F    Hi. This is me.
19/F    Freeing my voice
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