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 Jan 2019 Daniel eason
This rainy night, Heavens will fall.
Divine light, extinguished under the Thy raven wing.
This rainy night Gabriel's trumpet went silent.
People pray for their salvation.
God doesn't hear dead man but He sure answer them.
This rainy night, wind drift through deserted land,
resonating sound of the emptiness and death.
Blood is washed from the thorn crown,
existence is meaningless without punishment by Lord's hands.
This rainy night, shadows will crawl from the deep underground.
Humankind is devoured by eternal fire.
People produce heat only when you burn them.
This rainy night,nothing matters.
His black wings will fly again over the sky.
leaving nothing more than darkness and silence.
 Dec 2018 Daniel eason
 Dec 2018 Daniel eason
Today I've realized the weight of the word someday
It's empty
It has no hope
It's painful

It's the worse kind of torture
For an innocent soul.
It's not today
Or the next day
It's someday
Goodbye vanity
I was never in love with him:
Oh, no you departing fading days,
When would I see you again?

Your morning sunlight, your evening breaks
I long for summer days once more,
Stress, depression and the holiday’s mood will fade
The aching heart will adjust,
As it reject the love of a mortal:
I will love myself more, and more

But, like a child on Christmas morn
Tigger and I would be glad when Christmas is over:
We relived it through the eyes of our
Offspring: every year as it comes,
Another sibling to cherish,
Another moment to say to a stranger
Merry Christmas, seasoning greeting,
The happiest wouldn’t last

But the tears will rolled,
As the sun goes down on Christmas Eve
And yet and yet and yet another mistletoe
And where are we?
Back to square one…
 Dec 2018 Daniel eason
The themes are offered:
This is the season
for preparation..
Preparation for:
Self recognition
possibly remembering
what has been
Recognizing one's Self is
recognizing the Lord
religion or not..
The veiled is unveiled
revealing Joy
which overcomes and
appears as every-thing..
This is the birth of
awakening Love
and the real Reason
for the season:
The Season
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