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Toxic yeti Apr 2019
‪A is for apples ‬
B is for *******
C is for cat
D is for dog
E is for electricity
F is for food
G is for good
H is for heaven
I is for intelligent
J is for jewels
K is kick
L is for love
M is for mother
N is for no way
O is for oh jeez
P is Poppy
Q is for Queen b
R is for red
S is for shitstorm
T is television
U is for unique
V is for valued
W is for witch
X is for x files
Y is for yoda
Z is for catching zees.
Toxic yeti Apr 2019
What attracted you too me
Or why you were attracted by me

Was it my personality
My poems or that we
Share same interests
Not my charm because I have a ***** mouth.

The is something fun flirting you.
Toxic yeti Apr 2019
Dearest Ranoldie
I didn’t know that
Someone like you
Ever existed
I have been waiting
To meet some like you
Where we love the same things
In life.
My lady pathologist.
Toxic yeti Apr 2019
When I was walking
I tripped over the darnedest
A pile of daisies growing
In the side walk
**** near broke my
Pretty little neck.
Toxic yeti Apr 2019
No two Mermaids are
A Like
When two mermaids
Saw that they were
Exactly like eachother
they fell in love.
Toxic yeti Apr 2019
Thank you miss
For the flowers

Thank you miss
For your support

Thank you miss
For you love

Thank you miss
for the crystals.
Toxic yeti Apr 2019
At conflict
I don’t know
If I should pursue love or
I’ll go with the flow.
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