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 Oct 2014 TheExpat
This poem has been submitted for possible publication.  It will be reposted as soon as possible upon final determination.  Please feel free to peruse my poesy at your leisure.

Thank you so much,
There is a forest old as hillsides
tall, majestic, dappled shades
fall on ground beneath the silent
gnarled defenders of the glade.

There they stand in ancient splendour
many souls have passed their way
often used as welcome shelter
from the heat of summers day.

Sweet the air they breathe in chorus
our life's breath their lungs provide,
soaking up our daily poison
so that we may live and thrive.

You seas of men intent to clear them
citing progress, peddling greed
tearing roots from precious mooring
laying waste to nature's seed.

**** the beauty of a landscape
displace creatures for your need
rupture fragile ecosystems
scar the earth and watch it bleed.

To you I ask a simple question,
as I see the land bereaved.
What need has man of all this progress
when he can no longer breathe?
hand me a whiskey
Mr Barman
hand me a whiskey
as quick as you can
all the answers
to my life's somersaults
will be found
in its soothing malt

hand me a whiskey
it'll fix everything
hand me a whiskey
it'll fill my bruised skin
I'll be numbed
but that's okay
a shot of whiskey
helps me through the day

hand me a whiskey
Mr Barman
hand me a whiskey
as quick as you can
all the answers
to my life's somersaults
can be found
in its soothing malt

the mountains of worries
I've had will fade
with a glass of whiskey
as my aid
so don't keep me waiting
for that drink
Mr Barman you can
iron out all my chinks
my world is collapsing
in on me
all I want is a taste
of whiskey
I can't face the day
without a drop
it is my most important

hand me a whiskey
Mr Barman
hand me a whiskey
as quick as you can
I should probably box away your things
And burn the photos and my ring
But I'm having trouble determining

If this is really real.

I should probably delete your number too
So I don't find myself calling you
I've found I'm not sure what to do

Is this really real?

After your words are said and it's done
And your feelings have set along with the Sun
I'll step back from the battle you've clearly won

Wow, I guess it's real.

Please don't come back at your dismay
You don't get to choose when I leave and stay
This is your doing this was your way

One day YOU'LL wish it wasn't real.
 Aug 2014 TheExpat
Awesome Annie
Its nothing I can say, only something I can feel. If only I could wake up and know it isn't real.

I lost it, through my fingers let it slip. Heard and felt it in my heart as it broke away and ripped.

Grief can never be a comfort, as time goes ticking fast. But I know for people like me, happiness doesn't last.

I sit and wait, for this test in life just to finally end. But we know from past lessons learned, that sorrow has no friend.
 Aug 2014 TheExpat
Awesome Annie
I've hidden you away.

Tucking secrets into the cement cracks.

Burying all emotion alongside the person I used to be.

Sometimes it feels like a faded yesterday.
Yet years of your absence grow stale and suffocating.

I burned the edges of memories.
Hoping to blur those moments I once vowed to keep forever.

I took the blame when I broke your heart.
In that moment I became stuck within these walls.

I've hidden you away.

Now you're just a name that lingers on my lips,
And an ache in my heart.
I came to you last night, climbed in through your window with the last of the summer breeze. You sat on the floor, so small in your sorrow while you held the world in your shaking palm, the pressure of it's screaming too much for your tender heart.
I came to you last night and my heart swelled with love as I watched your tears glisten, their salt on my lips as I kissed your tired skin. I will hold you for a lifetime, tightly against my beating heart, so that you may hear the love I have for you as it thunders through my very being, strong and true against your darkest tide.
I am love, I am comfort, I am strength.
I am yours. Take my light, my song, my heart, let them lift you from the swirling depths, let them anchor your soul to mine that you may always have a home.
Once you lifted my heart to the heavens with a single word and within that moment I knew that we were two halves of a broken whole, though our pieces are scattered and torn we are bound, our destinies colliding within the storm that is our existence.
I came to you last night, no harm shall enter in my wake, no sorrow will linger, only my unending joy at your smile as you whisper "hello".
 Aug 2014 TheExpat
Paula Lee
If you need another Angel from my family....
                           Take ME!
Friends Please say a Prayer for my neice who is fighting for her life right now, I can honestly say that I can't understand why god would take my neice  while i'm still grieving for my mom?
Oh won't you play a little game?
Your life will never be the same
Please roll the dice and stoke my flame
I'll scar your back, you'll howl my name.

Let's not let rules get in the way
It's such an easy game to play
and baby, once it's underway
I'll lead your pretty heart astray.

I am temptation, wicked sin,
suggestion dripping from my skin,
dark secrets writhing deep within
my name a whisper on the wind.

I've torn so many souls to shreds
while hearts decayed and tears were shed,
delight would fill me as they bled
once exiled from my harlots bed.

So heed my warning, hold it true
then cast it ever far from view.
Take your turn, then when you're through
let me be the death of you.
sad sad showers
since you went away
sad sad showers
falling everyday

the skies shaded
in a gloomy splay
the sun's happiness
no more on display

your leaving
cut deep into my soul
much deeper
than any cavernous hole

our love over
finished and done
our love at end
my world moribund

no solace can I find
for my aching heart
now that you've
torn it apart

sad sad shower
where are the sun's rays
sad sad showers
the showers parlay
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