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When you cannot change the chapter,
Then just burn the book,
Trust me that's more satisfying.
It’s in the silence I heard you the loudest
And in the noise I heard your prayer
But in my pain was the answer
And in my absence you were there
If you turned into a word
I wonder…
Which word would you be?

There’s many a beautiful word
a poet, I’m sure, could see

Yet, I’d find you once I heard you.
Most likely, hiding in poetry
The stories we live
are bound beneath
the covers of land and sky
and the days in between
are the pages
from hello to our goodbye
Each turning sun
brings a new day
closer to the hour
Where all good things
must come to a close
when death holds the power
We scratch our name
in the dirt and dust, till wind
blows away existence
leaving behind
scraps of our mind
and fragments of our presence
To toil much and embed a mark
only in soiled strife
is vanity to have had a name
not etched in the book of life
"We are here for you, always."
"You can tell us anything, always."
"We are so glad you are in our lives."
"We love you, we care for you."
"We will never leave you."
"We are your friends, always."
I once was asked
" what's the difference between destiny and fate"
One just is
And the other we create
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