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And so i searched
Through jungles and cave

I've traveled with creatures
Found treasure i dont need

Im scorching these lands
With madness im filled

Be threats or be dreadful
Im sure to do it all

With all these clues
Im close to you

I've heard all stories about that brute
A witch like him
Will face beheading
-Julio Garret
I mix, i brew all potions there is
All kinds of death, and misery not bliss

I solve all complex
With drops, i flex

But all for you
A love potion can fix

The consuelas will pay
All of them will pay!

My vengeance will come
My ven... gean....
(Kness on ground, tearing slowing and breathing heavily)

(Continuously reminiscing down his memory lane)
-Thorax Lints
Free! Free! Free!
Free me from this sorcery!

A voice inside me
Is now all i can be

I was once free
Like a bird in a tree

Now i am caged
I can never go flee

Oh my Julio love
Someone got me

A beast in heart
Twice a beast from outside

I know in my heart we bind
Find me cause
I am trap in my own mind
What is this enchantment
An enchanted Love

Try to break free
Of that undying Love

Horses and ruins
Im with my whole life

What is the potion
To stop those felt lies

Im no one
But still
Im the one who you loved

Ill try to save you
Even it'll cost my whole life

Princess Consuela
Just wait i will come

Here is Julio Garret,
Will free you
From that odd, brute man
marc rios May 16
Drip drip drip
Falling into the glass's space
Filling up bodies with it's very strong taste
Washing everyone's physical state

Perhaps not only it

Could drain one's mental state
Forgetting problems all of a sudden
Is it's very fine effect

Feeling like all of things float
Numbing all the aches we loath
What a water like this exist

A kind that I'm forbidden to drink
marc rios May 14
All red
All vengeance

All hatred
All misery

It keeps the flame
In color and character

But you stared
With your ocean eyes

Calming the beast inside me
Now's a new chapter

A red from blue
An anger from love
A blue flame, born from with-in
marc rios May 14
....I could hold your hands
Hug you
Have conversations with you

....I could go out with you
Kiss you
Have amazing moments with you

....Those are the things we can do and
....I can thank the stars for it
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