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marc rios Sep 2022
When you thought the problem would be as shallow as it can get
Only to find yourself
Gasping for breath later

Not knowing if you'll drown
Or get over it
marc rios Sep 2022
Some things never change
But you certainly did
marc rios Sep 2022
My heart has become
A town for ghosts
marc rios Aug 2022
You have no fault nor i can blame you for my misery
If this pain will fade a sleep away
I'd fall faster than how my heart did
When our path crossed way
marc rios Aug 2022
If my hand were to hold a love potion
I'd drink it myself
marc rios Aug 2022
What is Life but a Fraud
If not with Torment
marc rios Aug 2022
When our eyes meet
The world spoke in silence
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