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Shalini Pandey Jun 2018
It was a day marked when nothing was planned
And All okay to love few things without comprehend
Like the warmth of his breath ,the scent of his body
Voice in his laughter,
Smile on his lips, Spark in his eyes
And His fingers tracing my imperfections
Seems like writing a poetry on my wheatish board.
In and Out, Heat nailed it!!!
electrifying emotions alive, Sweating and Slippery
Provocative gaze and touch
Caressing me with love that may or may not be real,
Just a balm of moment where I lost and let go my controlled anxiety
Over his madness and content with his proximity….
We on a roller coaster ride as his hands flow over me
With the lips sealed in each other’s kiss , palms having a gentle touch
Rush of adrenaline witness in every inch of our body
Not to make love but to be loved for that one moment
Inked as a impulsive love in our life forever…
Shalini Pandey Apr 2018
on the lonely beaches of life
where sun's heat is killing the sand
and hot water has a terrifie feel,
where its hard to differentiate
joy and grief,
black and white,
self devastating energy,
losing hope of every way,
eyes  shrinking, all in fade,
directions turning dark, giving a feel
no one exist, not even a mark,
i be with you
holding hands, giving you my
eyes to read, to look,
beyond the depth  of sand and
directionless way,
is lying a reason  to survive,
making you dive into deep hot water
to enjoy the peace that  lies
beyond your sight......
stretching your cheeks to smile,
bringing back fun ,
and a sweet kiss
to enjoy the state of
being special  to me
and my world........
Shalini Pandey Apr 2018
Mausam bindaas hai
Fir bhi dil udaas hai
Sab kehte hain boondein khushiyaan lehraati hain..
Fir Kyun mujhko ye sisakte aanso lagte hain

Na jaane kaise ye reet hai..?
Shrishti ki khushi..meghon ke rone mein..
Dharti ka adhikaar ya aasmaan ka badappan..
Jaane kaun sahi hai kis roop mein..?

Adhbhut anokha..
Be-missal pyaar..
Na dharti per ** sookha..
na aasmaan ** kaala..!!!
Love between Earth and Sky
Shalini Pandey Apr 2018
Mountains Calling,
As my love for them grows
copious greenery adding
an extra CHILL
making winters special-
Here I come Banbasa
to find my old love
and make new love with YOU !!!
*Banbasa is a place on Indo Nepal Border.
Shalini Pandey Apr 2018
Be it last Monday
or this Tuesday
Days are behaving Xerox Copies
bolted with same color,
dull and faded
playing replaying
the same chord everyday.

Waking up to the
same myopic thought,
transformed into a rusted machinery
with controlled signals-
Wake , Office, Work,
Stress, Eat and Try to sleep -
Robotic Human is my
New Name.

No music, no poetry, no hobby
Neither to play with children
Nor to catch up with love
Not even a self affair !!
Don't remember when
I was live with my friends ??

Stretching the senseless power
of Stressful Work
for a volume of money,
still can't afford a
slice of happiness
not even for a single moment,
person or thing..

Life is broken -
Mundane ,
Lost and tossed
Beaten up by
Routine and Replay
where obscurity
blinds the path to happiness.

— The End —