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Saturday Jones Apr 2019
Years ago, my professor had cancer.
Her diagnosis left her with no answers.

So she told her students that it would be nice
To stop by her office and say something kind.
     Because she was having a very hard time.

I found it odd. What difference would it make
For this classroom to comment on her fate?

But they did, they did! And to my surprise
They baked her a cake, said prayers; cried!
     Yet she still died.

Maybe we should have kept our cakes at home.
Maybe we should have said our prayers alone.
Saturday Jones Mar 2019
I have a friend, he’s made of stone,
So he ended up all alone.

I know this girl, she’s made of glass,
And she can only see her past.

And then there’s me, I’m made of air,
I want to be seen, but there’s nothing there.

But then there she was, made of poetry,
— And she made it look so easy.
She shined like jewelry.
I just wanted her to notice me,

But sadly, I’m made of air.
I want to be seen, but there’s nothing there.
Saturday Jones Mar 2019
knock* knock knock  

knock knock knock  

I guess no one’s home.
Maybe I should leave a note.
Saturday Jones Feb 2019
I don’t believe in deep down inside.

But deep down inside I am afraid that those
I care about will leave me.

So I leave them first and make sure
they can’t reach me.

So when they finally let go of me
It justifies my animosity.

So I showed them!
I win the game of hearts!

Because you wanted me and I
Denied you.

I win! I win!
Again and again!

Because you showed me what is
deep down inside you.

Haha! Haha!
You thought I was your friend!

You thought I cared about you.
(A secret part of me did.)

But so what! Even if I’m all alone,
At least no one can hurt me down here.

I’m getting good at this game.
Saturday Jones Feb 2019
I would like
you to be
my little piece
of infinity.

My little slice
of time and space
that I can
carry with me.

A million, billion,
trillion years,
for me, won’t
change anything,

So happily ever
after, here,
my dear,
means eternity.

So as time
and space crack
and break, and give
into infinity,

I ask of you
the final few
questions of
my reality.

Would you...could you
walk with me
as I trip
into infinity?

Would you...could you
hold on to me
as I slip
into infinity?

Could we combine
at the end of time
and fade
into infinity?
Behind the glass of time and space...
Saturday Jones Feb 2019
The colors went green then red
then orange then blue.
And there was nothing I could do.

Then the night grew colder and darker
and there was nothing and no one.
Saturday Jones Jul 2017
The Infinite nothing,
And one day you Will see it.
And one day you Will feel it.
In the sky,
But also in your heart.
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