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Mar 2022 · 613
A moment of peace
Samantha Mar 2022
If only the cars would come to a stop,
And all of the hustle and bustle.
The clock would cease ticking,
And the strident noise would turn into delicate silence.
For the world has stopped spinning.
The birds are no longer chirping.
But the wind is blowing,
Gently, gently...
And finally, a moment for me to rest.
A moment for me to breathe.
A moment of quiet.
A moment of peace.
Mar 2022 · 118
Samantha Mar 2022










Jun 2021 · 110
A true story
Samantha Jun 2021
I hear a man with pain in his voice
The addiction! Is what he says
Don't hate me
I cannot control it, he sobs
Please! The agony!
I am sorry...
Sep 2019 · 180
Samantha Sep 2019
Revenge was mine.
But your life,
Not yet...
Don't think too much into it!
Aug 2019 · 161
Samantha Aug 2019
When I close my eyes
I see sunshine, not butterflies
I feel the soft warmth
Hugging my unsuppressed spirit
It turns my frown into a smile
When I run through the fields
Of enchanted ambrosial flowers
I take a stop and just lie there
I breathe in the unmingled air
And noticed that all I love is here
The lovely birds’ sweet serenade
Little bunnies hopping through the meadows
Cute barks of adorable puppies
But this is a mere room
In the vast underground
When I open another door
I’m washed with tears of the Gods
And I’m re-energized
I thank them for the strength
To face the other world after I’m gone from here
I just sit there, no longer unhinged
Absorbing as much of these droplets as I could
I don’t want to walk out of here
But there’s much to be explored!

Jun 2019 · 613
Samantha Jun 2019
The clamor is way too heavy
I need to elope to my quiet place
Where everything is constant and serene
I’d lie to myself until
My world starts to spin
And I’m forced to face
My absolute reality
May 2019 · 190
Samantha May 2019
Driving over the hill
With Trance in my ear
Glorious sunlight winks at me
The gentle morning breeze
Gives me a light peck on the cheek
A smile on my face is a natural reaction
I can’t think of any single moment
That has been as perfect as this
May 2019 · 236
The Enlightened Ones
Samantha May 2019
Your stare pierced my eyes and penetrated my soul
I stood there, helpless, powerless, and weak, in front of you
Naked, like the day before Eve got a taste of the forbidden fruit
For you were the snake that whispered the only truth into my ear
You slithered gently on my denuded skin
And alluringly wrapped your body into mine
I suddenly felt a jolt, almost agonizing

Somehow the scales that had fallen onto my eyes were removed
I could see for the first time
Terror devoured me but I had never been so eager
To just let go of all that I thought I knew
For there was a grace in my destruction
I took my last breath, breathing in the last of the false air
And my heedful consciousness was finally born

I was alive for the first time
The overwhelming bliss became to abundant
You took my hand and led the way into our light
We walked away from the pearly gates and found the remarkable flock
Awaiting the arrival of their enlightened peers
A place to call home where we were loved and celebrated
For us animals are an infinitesimal breed
This poem is not necessarily part of my personal philosophy
May 2019 · 169
The Thing About The Past
Samantha May 2019
As I listen to the lyrics that breathed life into me
I think of the time when I was everything and nothing
I often wonder if I’ll ever feel like that again
That overwhelming feeling of happiness and purpose
The bonds and friendships that were built
All the memories of what would never be again
Sad and beautiful at the same time

The burdens that were nonexistent  
Excitement and anticipation for the next day
Tomorrow could never be like that
For that’s the thing about the past
It’s all cherished memories and
Lyrics matching back to the days that were
The best time of my life
May 2019 · 140
Samantha May 2019
Your stare pierces my eyes, dead on
And I sit there, infront of you
Feeling naked, like the day Eve ate from the forbidden tree
Apr 2019 · 560
Samantha Apr 2019
I looked up at the eye of heaven
And was gifted with some happy rays of shine
Radiant beauty she is

I smile as I witness her blazing glory
She exists with perennial power
Vast and vermilion

Don’t look into her eyes
For her splendor is too ethereal
Fierce as a warrior, a halo surrounds her

Her sweltering touch on my skin
Cancerous and deadly
But she is colossally exquisite
Apr 2019 · 135
Samantha Apr 2019
I'm not someone who you would want to start a war with
I'm just saying that after the strife is over
And all the ash has cleared
I'd still be devising your ultimate demise

The sheer audacity is like a ***** slap to the face
You dare go against me?
A self proclaimed hero, I see
I can’t help but laugh at what you perceive

Let me reiterate because you can’t seem to comprehend
I am not someone who you would want to start a war with
After it is all over and forgotten
I’d still be fighting
Mar 2019 · 213
Samantha Mar 2019
With every impassioned jot, your truth is well lived
Tear off the mask my dear
Compose your prodigious impulse.

Crown yourself my darling
Be the ruler of your counterfeit world
Walk on the water in which you drowned.

Say yes to the alluring ******
It is your infallible gospel
Be your greatest author.

You are the rules, you are the law
Give birth to your sweet chimera
Get lost in the lie.

For this is the only truth you will ever live.

Mar 2019 · 218
Samantha Mar 2019
Heated in the sense that...
We were in the kitchen, hungry
But not for food
Hypnotized by your stare
I drew closer to you, like an obedient slave to her master
Our lips, melting into each other in a rhythmical caress
My knees weakened as I surrendered all control
Your tongue stimulated sweet sensations all over my being
My nibbles on your lips awoke your amorous passion
You grabbed me with authority and pulled me even tighter into your embrace
But then, there was the door, and someone at it...
Sep 2018 · 1.5k
Revenge or not?
Samantha Sep 2018
I’m fighting a ******* battle
The devil’s on my shoulder
Whispering to me like the sharp whistling breeze before a storm

Revenge seduces my mind
A true salesman
Giving his final pitch before he takes all that you have

Karma, you devious woman
Pass me the baton
So that I can pay a visit to the unprincipled *****

But then there’s the angel – so ethereal, so divine
You penetrate my mind like a sword piercing an enemy’s heart
With your unclouded light tickling my judgement

The darkness and the bright
Jousting at each other in barbarous combat
Both hungry for the win

Victory is yet to be claimed...

Sep 2018 · 1.6k
Don't Be Fooled
Samantha Sep 2018
She smiles
Like the sun kissed flowers
Staring up at the sky
On a field of never-ending blossoms in the summer’s light

But don’t be fooled
There’s a tempest brewing
The cumulonimbus clouds murk over her inner world
So deep into her immaculate soul it’s pursuing

She loves
Like the moon’s devotion
To the vault of heaven
On a glorious gloom

But don’t be fooled
Her darkness is the asphalt
On the terra firma
When the vale is most coruscating

She exposes
Her finest face
Like an overawed beau on the first night
Of *******

But don’t be fooled
Her behemoth lies slightly waken
In the depths of her muddled consciousness
Like a war solider awaiting command

She is two sides
Of the same coin
Tossing for heads or tails
Don’t be fooled

Sep 2018 · 458
Samantha Sep 2018
I pick up my pen and paper
Trying to knead my words like a baker
My mind feels like strobing lights
Can’t even remember what I wanted to write
Sep 2018 · 5.6k
When I Knew
Samantha Sep 2018
I knew I loved you
When you held my hand
Pretending I was your girlfriend in that bar.
When we drove down the
Hill, windows down
Music up, singing along
High as the moon in that night's sky.
I knew I loved you
When you called me crying about your dog
And didn't know what to do.
When you sang to me
"Don't you worry, don't you worry child" in that club
And you told me it'd get better.
When you made me smile all the times
I was down.
I knew I loved you when you
Though my weirdness was cool
And when you let me be my exposed self
You never judged, it was easy to
Tell you my deepest secrets.
I knew I loved you when we took that selfie
And pretended to kiss.
When it turned real as our
Connection solidified through our lips
I knew I loved you when we pretended
It never happened because we
Didn't want to lose each other.
I knew I loved you all the
Times we fought and drifted away for things
I can't even remember.
When our opinions would clash
And our lives kept changing.
I knew I loved you when I hated you
And all your girls because I knew you could do better.
I knew I loved you when you finally met her
And it pleased my heart
Your gamble was finally over.

I Know I Love You
Because I'm smiling as I immortalize our bond.

I Love You
My Best Friend
Sep 2018 · 12.7k
Samantha Sep 2018
You asked me who I want to be, so here’s my answer:


I want to walk above the ground
I want to give my thank you speech
And wear the crown

I want to open my voice
I want to tell them exactly how I feel
And not give a **** about their ideals

I want room to grow from a fraction to a whole
I want my world to revolve around ME
And be able act fierce and carefree

I want to be the woman that intrigues strangers
I want to bravely approach them with friendly banter
And have spontaneous encounters that brings on laughter

I want to be someone more like me
Inspired by someone from this site, when he asked me "Who do you want to be"
Thank You :-)
Sep 2018 · 476
Beyond the Gate
Samantha Sep 2018
Forbidden fruit
Let me dine from your tree
Nourish my soul
With the words you speak
Walk with me
Help me explore beyond the concealed gate
Where the path is magical!
The roads are paved with the dreams of everyday
The birds are chirping in the auroral celestial sphere
I can feel the genial breeze kiss my tendered skin.

Come, let's discover the nameless ocean
The depth of limitless possibilities
The waters are black and impenetrable
But my vision has never been so pellucid
Open your heart to this unknown
Release that burden into the great void
Breathe in this air but don't close your eyes
Just let go
Let your body flow with these lenient waters
Leave it all behind that gate we closed.

Sep 2018 · 216
What I Feel From All of You
Samantha Sep 2018
I feel this sadness in my heart
It's breaking for you
Your eyes, so lost in melancholy
But you smile, why?
I feel it all, it consumes me
The burden, it's over powering my sanity
This feeling, it's too much to bear
Stay away from me
So that I won't see your face and convey this sense
Is this a reflection of my heart? - your sadness?
Am I sad?

Sep 2018 · 285
All I...
Samantha Sep 2018
All I can think about is your lips
You're my forbidden fruit
All I dream about is your presence
You're my sweet temptation
All I see is your smile
You're my happy place
All I want to look at is your eyes
You're my every desire
All I want to hear is your silvery voice
You're my lullaby
All I want is you...

Sep 2018 · 210
Samantha Sep 2018
Elevator eyes,
A sly smile.
This confusion!? I despise!!
What is it that you advertise?
My havoc mind.
Am I running blind?
I need to get my thoughts aligned.
It's just a connection and that's quite fine...

Sep 2018 · 1.5k
When my world shook
Samantha Sep 2018
And suddenly my world is shaking 
My head is spinning
Im sitting still, frozen with fear
Glass shattering
The walls are swaying
My phone rings but I can't speak right now
Please stop
I'm here alone
Will it come tumbling down on me?
I don't want to go like this
Surprisingly I decide to pray
Lord please protect and forgive me
It doesn't stop
My hands are shaking
How pathetic, how insignificant
I won't allow a tear
I'm strong in my weakness
I don't have these fears
So small in this universe, a mere spec

Sep 2018 · 642
Fake Reality
Samantha Sep 2018
Come to me my love
Meet me in the place that's mine
Where I can hold your hands
And kiss your decadent lips
I can look you in the eye
And tell you what I think:
Your sweet touch is what I crave
My covetous body belongs in your embrace
I want to feel your breath on my tingled skin
Let's have late nights without whispering
I want to take the thanks for your laughter

Look into my wishful eyes and see what could be
As I smile to you there's nothing but truth that I can see
The clock is ticking, time always runs out
You've only just come to be
Will I remember the taste of your tongue?
Can I feel your fantasized love just one more time?
Your smile will always stay with me, even after
Why can't another night come faster?
Take my hand before you go
And tell me it's me, me that you want
In my faked reality


— The End —