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May 2019
Your stare pierced my eyes and penetrated my soul
I stood there, helpless, powerless, and weak, in front of you
Naked, like the day before Eve got a taste of the forbidden fruit
For you were the snake that whispered the only truth into my ear
You slithered gently on my denuded skin
And alluringly wrapped your body into mine
I suddenly felt a jolt, almost agonizing

Somehow the scales that had fallen onto my eyes were removed
I could see for the first time
Terror devoured me but I had never been so eager
To just let go of all that I thought I knew
For there was a grace in my destruction
I took my last breath, breathing in the last of the false air
And my heedful consciousness was finally born

I was alive for the first time
The overwhelming bliss became to abundant
You took my hand and led the way into our light
We walked away from the pearly gates and found the remarkable flock
Awaiting the arrival of their enlightened peers
A place to call home where we were loved and celebrated
For us animals are an infinitesimal breed
This poem is not necessarily part of my personal philosophy
Written by
Samantha  30/F/Trinidad
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