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kate Jan 31
got out of my skin
threw it on a chair
tried to burn it
but instead i burnt my fingertips
and my house and hair
leaving me with nothing but regret
Samantha Sep 2018
You asked me who I want to be, so here’s my answer:


I want to walk above the ground
I want to give my thank you speech
And wear the crown

I want to open my voice
I want to tell them exactly how I feel
And not give a **** about their ideals

I want room to grow from a fraction to a whole
I want my world to revolve around ME
And be able act fierce and carefree

I want to be the woman that intrigues strangers
I want to bravely approach them with friendly banter
And have spontaneous encounters that brings on laughter

I want to be someone more like me
Inspired by someone from this site, when he asked me "Who do you want to be"
Thank You :-)

— The End —