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 Jan 2020 Samantha
Falling for you
was like seeing
the beauty in
lightning flashes
then inevitably
getting struck by it.

Loving you was
like letting my
heart grow wings
then being clipped
off by the inevitable
pain that soon came.

Leaving you was like
the shadow of my heart
running from the setting
sun that I inevitably
can't outrun...
 Jan 2020 Samantha
Our dreams have turned into nightmares,
Emotions of love are replaced with fears.
Sometimes this pain is so hard to bare,
What's worse is that you're not even here.
You're running in the direction of another,
With me, you couldn't even be bothered.
I'm just wondering around like a lost soul,
Your heart, I can no longer call my home.
 Jan 2020 Samantha
 Jan 2020 Samantha
This one's for you...
For always seeing me through
when life paints me blue.
To the ears that never fell deaf
while listening to my mess.
To the eyes that weren't blinded
after seeing me in all shapes and sizes.
To the lips that never remained sealed
knowing what I feel and giving me peace.
To the beautiful heart that makes
me be me whatever it takes.
 Dec 2019 Samantha
 Dec 2019 Samantha
for someone who feels so much
you make it look effortless to feel nothing
 Dec 2019 Samantha
When I forgave you,
I didn't do it for you.
I did it for me,
So that I might be free.

Choosing to not forgive,
Is to rub salt in my own wound.
The deed has already been done,
I won't allow the hurt to compound.

So I forgave your trespasses,
That my wound might fully heal.
Though the scars are still visible,
My heart towards you is totally clean.
The fastest way to heal is to forgive who wronged you and forgive yourself if you were mad at yourself for allowing yourself get hurt.
Death held me for a moment
I tumbled
Further and further I fell

Watching you as the dark descended

Your loving eyes awoke me
And dragged my back

With a gasp lasting moments
My eyes alight once more
Do you ever forget to breath?
 Jun 2019 Samantha
Nick Hemal
The ice thaws
  As you ignite the soul.
    Daily practice
       Turns kindle into coal.
          Keep that fire burning
            In your heart.
             Where mountains melt
                and skies part.
                  Dreams and reality
                    meld into one.
Inspired by some of the words of my former students, who reads tarot cards for me...
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