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Samantha Sep 2018
Come to me my love
Meet me in the place that's mine
Where I can hold your hands
And kiss your decadent lips
I can look you in the eye
And tell you what I think:
Your sweet touch is what I crave
My covetous body belongs in your embrace
I want to feel your breath on my tingled skin
Let's have late nights without whispering
I want to take the thanks for your laughter

Look into my wishful eyes and see what could be
As I smile to you there's nothing but truth that I can see
The clock is ticking, time always runs out
You've only just come to be
Will I remember the taste of your tongue?
Can I feel your fantasized love just one more time?
Your smile will always stay with me, even after
Why can't another night come faster?
Take my hand before you go
And tell me it's me, me that you want
In my faked reality


— The End —