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James Nigh Apr 2016
i touched something....
it was bethnal green and i thought it was a mermaid

it bit me!

so i went back to normal girls.

but they bite harder.

at first it's fun; things are removed.........
then you realize there's nothing left

you can't move. or speak.

you're just 2 eyeballs - watching the party go on.
must it?
  Jan 2016 James Nigh
Jail cell walls made of messages in bottles sent to people who would never see the words therein
Love has always felt like a prison sentence
James Nigh Dec 2015
the rules of war are not unlike those of love -
make the punishment 10 times worse than the crime.

i waited outside the store
and wasn't sure if i should fall into the concrete
or fly away

would either have mattered?

take the hollow days
and take the joyous days

and crush them into one, please.

or crush them into oblivion.
i don't care.

just crush.

crush until the poems bleed into letters
and the feelings bleed into songs.

for i am lost.
and you are crushed.

we cannot have both.

the world will spin backwards
its axis reminding us of who we were.

the stars will jump down
in my face
to punish me for not fulfilling what i could have been.

we are lack of return-on-investments.

we are nothing
at last.
James Nigh Dec 2015
Puget Sound,
shall we break free down from the sea?

Puget Sound,
Shall we break what was once was me?

Puget Sound,
shall we silence the wind?

Puget Sound,
shall we end all that is to be?

Puget Sound,
swallow me now or swallow me whole

The question is,
Will I begin or will I cease?
James Nigh Aug 2015
it was January 1st,
it was August 1st.

the coldest of days,
and the hottest.

I put my life on hold,
so you could have little trinkets of victory,
and failed to collect any of my own.

I took a 5 month respite.
you couldn't even be there when I woke up.

you got your trophy.


the plan will fall inwards.

i still get my way every day.
you just don't see it,
but you will.
i wish
i were as brave as the rain
they are not afraid to

when there is no one there to catch them...

they are the strongest, bravest and
saddest things I've known :(

-the thought "the rain are not afraid to fall" were not from me . :)
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