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Andrei Serrano Nov 2018
Love is like the problems that come out of nowhere.
And there's you,
That didn't even know how to deal with it.
But when you do,
You'll have to use
All of your strength to keep yourself together.
And now you'll be playing a game,
Where you'll lose because you love.
Now when you're hurt,
You would try to get out of that huge maze
That you've been trying to solve.
And when you finally found the exit,
You'll just end up at the starting point of the maze
And you'll have to play the game again, and again
...and again.
Love her til you're oblivious.
'Til you're happy.
Until you're hurt.
That's love, it's a faceless version of you.
Poem 2 From Compilation 16.
Andrei Serrano Nov 2018
You woke up
And looked into the mirror
And you saw a scar on your face...
A scar caused by the monsters that have haunted you.
You walked outdoors while it was raining,
And you were thinking if you are damaged because you have walked into a dangerous rainstorm.
You went inside a room filled with faceless people,
And you try to be something that you’re not just so they would like you.
But no, those scars you’ve had are only reminders that you were brave enough to face reality.
And walking through rainstorms proves that you are clean.
And on the beautiful lovely side of that,
You are never just good or bad,
You are a pastiche of your worst self and your best self
A mixture of love and loathe,
And a solution of failure and rising up again.
That’s you! So don’t be afraid to be yourself.
And if people left you for being yourself,
It’s fine, you’re not the opinion of somebody who doesn’t really know you.
‘Cause losing people is better than losing yourself.
Since the more you lose people, the more you find yourself.
So don’t change, yet, don’t stay the same as well.
You wake up, knowing that you still live in a colorless world.
You stood up and presented a brilliant color by showing all of the side of your own kaleidoscope.
And those’ll be the only thing that matters...
Poem 1 From The 16th Compilation
Andrei Serrano Aug 2018
Here we are living in a beautiful world.
Completely satisfied.
We thought that this place is enough.
But what if you open those eyes?

The world isn't as beautiful,
As what we see
The people weren't as honest,
As what we believed they were

You weren't as bad
As you thought you are.
And the same goes...
To the ones who think they're better.

We love people recklessly.
And we always think,
They're the ones for us.
And you're the one for them.

We hate people so much.
And it's all because they are different.
And that they're not perfect.
That's the truth.

If you open those eyes,
They're not wrong,
And the ones you loved the most,
They're not for you.

If you think you are stupid,
For not realizing the ugliness of the world,
Don't worry,
All of us didn't realized it as well.

The truth is now revealed.
There is chaos behind love,
Hatred behind friendship.
And anxieties behind laughters

You lived in a place full of lies,
And I know you wished you never should've opened those eyes.
So you can stay blind from the truth.
And never get disappointed.
So, this might be a little negative but I was actually posting poems in "order". Each poem will speak on it's own but there will be a storyline on them... For example: The First poem that I posted is "Songs I Have Written" which gave a message "The girl was not meant for the boy" so this second poem is a sequel to the first poem. As this poem narrates that the boy became really negative after the girl left him.....if you are interested in what will happen in the next poem, stay tuned
Andrei Serrano Aug 2018
There was this girl,
She was known by people
She was perfect
Atleast, in the eyes of everyone.

If she flip her hair
Everyone will love her.
If she smiles
Everyone compliments her.

This girl is the best for me
But I was not the best for her
I fell in love,
We played a game
Then it ended
After I discovered who she really was.

Everything seemed so perfect,
But there was a mistake.
She had nothing but a time she always wants.
And I do have her,
But I do not own the love that I wanted.

I have been asking myself,
Do I have to care for her,
If she keeps hurting me?
Do I have to love her,
If she can't love me back?

My heart is breaking,
My hands are shaking,
I couldn't take it any longer.
My mind was thinking,
But I couldn't explain what I truly feel.
Is it right that she left me?

If she did not love me,
And if I didn't too,
Then we'd just destroy each other.
'Cause we both know,
That none of us deserved each other.

I don't need her now
But I want her back.
So I can sing the songs I have written...
For her,
When I was still in love.

I can't explain what I feel,
And she won't be able to feel it.
Because I forgot all the lyrics,
To the songs I have written for her.
And the lyrics that could've explain that,
We're now burned to dust.
And it was all about you being perfect.
Hidden Message: They were not meant for each other.

— The End —