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 Nov 6 Acora
Mark levitt
Behind the door is another door, beyond that, is nothing, that’s where God is, and that is who I am.
I am not arrogant
So I regret
All my actions
I deserve to regret
Arrogance is writ large
On every face
That thinks
Never did any wrong
They are perfect
Collateral to God
Deserving nothing to regret
temple mileu
sacred chants aloud
surging crowd
priests unable to
recite ancient scriptures
soul searching suspended
 Nov 3 Acora
i keep waiting for red roses to bloom,
but your fingers only know bruises
and you find me so pretty in blue.
that violet hue
 Oct 24 Acora
James Jarrett
Soon the country will cry as I do
And their tears will fall like rain
But they won't dance in dry dust
To feed the thirsty green
They will fall on bloodied streets
And on freshly filled in graves
Rivulets to rivers
Growing in the rage
'Til torrents flood and bridges fall
And all is washed away
 Oct 19 Acora
Afiifa Jeylani
Scramble for Africa,
Like pieces on a board game
North, south, east and west
Plains leading every way.

They don't have Bibles,
they don't have faith?
Perhaps it is time
we teach them of our ways.

Let us begin by erasing their past,
let's take some of their artefacts,
hang them in our museums;
admire our murderous past.

Afiifa Jeylani ©️
Truth hurts but lies ****... Happy Black History Month from London
 Oct 19 Acora
I am intoxicated by you.
The smell of your clothing,
The taste of your lips,
The feel of your hair,
The structure of your face,
Everything about you
Overwhelms my senses
And makes me
Pull you in tighter
And bring you in close.
I cannot stop
Wrapping myself in
Your arms.
You intoxicate me.
 Oct 19 Acora
 Oct 19 Acora
I want to be a theatre,
A reflection of a billion human emotion.
I want to be a word,
A musical note,
Or a dream,
that bleeds through the artist's loving hands.
I want to be a world,
that holds dear to its heart
Everything and everyone
And tells them
That's where they belong.
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