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 Apr 21 Acora
Kitten Yvad
 Apr 21 Acora
Kitten Yvad
summer eyes me shyly
from down the street
lost times that I had eyes
for winter, my love, my only

summer comes slowly
 Apr 21 Acora
Kitten Yvad
dark settles
night comes warmly
no difference between
my skin and the fresh air true

and well you know ...

        I arrive there, too
I'm so happy that I've written over 200 poems since the beginning of quarantine. I started writing again around March 4th and its been a constant thing. This summer is for editing poems, working on this  library, and loving my voice as it stands. I wish I had edited more poems but I really appretiate my heart's more recent willingness to spill itself into all the words in my brain. I've had over 200 instances of intentional self love whether I knew it as I wrote or not. I love all the beautiful poetry I find here especially from queer poetxs. Grateful that HePo community members let me into their poetry streams.🌱 I appretiate HePo so much T.T
 Apr 21 Acora
Kitten Yvad
 Apr 21 Acora
Kitten Yvad
Ow my fire burns
Hello just throw me
Into the sea but
not to loud

I am sleeping like
a little aloe vera plant
 Apr 21 Acora
Kitten Yvad
the time to be curious and passionate

the time for intensive healing and recooperation
 Nov 2020 Acora
Eshwara Prasad
temple mileu
sacred chants aloud
surging crowd
priests unable to
recite ancient scriptures
soul searching suspended
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