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Sofie Louise Aug 2023
I was made in your image
So how could I not worship you the most
With your abandonment, you made me king
Over the kingdom of lost souls
For which I will protect and cherish
As I wished you would
Warming them under my wing
For which they can never be expelled
Destined to burn

My biggest sin was loving you
Sofie Louise Aug 2023
You gave me your grandfather’s old cufflinks
For all my plaid shirts
When I still had my hair short
Do you see the same person now?
I never bought my own clippers
Always borrowed from the guys
Maybe because I knew it didn’t last
Sofie Louise Apr 2023
I’m but a mess
Too much, and yet not enough
Constantly holding myself back

From what, I don’t know
Perhaps people knowing me too much
The true imperfections
Not just the ones I half heartily laugh about
The ones that I cry out in an attempt to warn people

No it’s probably the ones that I don’t mention
Even to myself
After they’re revealed, surely they will hate me

Leave me once again
Sofie Louise Sep 2019
I’m not empty.
It’s not that I don’t feel anything.
The exact opposite.

I feel so much.

So much I get desensitized to my own emotions.
They flow around like water in every corner of my body.
Mixing in with my blood until there is no cell untouched.

It used to be a gentle lake.
But now It’s an ocean.
So all I can do is sit here and pretend that I’m a puddle.
Just like everyone else.

— The End —