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Starts with panic
Ends with never-ending peace
Will grant you access
Will fill your absence
The most bitter
A bad tasting fruit
Too rare and rich
Unholy and otherworldly
Grows beneath a toxic soil
Lives at the heart of thorns
Bathes in the rays of a black sun
Drinks the bloods of the fallen ones
Comes from nowhere
Serves no purpose
Exists solely to defy the unwritten rules
Exists only to scry the departed souls
A peak into the void that is unseeable
Eaten by those depraved and miserable

The truth of the world is hidden in its seeds
Another poem about how much I love hating life and yet I'm still clinging to our abusive relationship
A boat
I'm not good enough
The ocean I see no shore
Grown mad, the boat is stuck
Between cracking in half
And not
Peace followed by chaos
Dancing in a deadlock
Like Yin and Yang
Grown mad, the man is stuck
Between dying
And not
The man is not me
I'm watching him become me
Living is beautiful
I'm stuck between its beauty and
The beauty of its ugliness
What is supposed to happen now?
Confined within for seventeen never-ending years
Greeted every morning by its hollow disgusting sneer
Cutting fingers trying to peel off the layers of this theater
Getting stabbed and kicked in the head again, death is near

Another day, lost in the space
Feeling more and more alien
Piercing the days like a warrior
Have my head cut off a thousand times
Another day, losing my own face
Smells more and more my carrion
Peering through this barrier
Have my body buried a thousand miles down the earth

Existence does not mean belongingness
Dedicated to Per "Dead" Ohlin
I am orbiting Saturn
Bathing in an unholy calm
Digesting the universal justice
Finding peace in my untimely demise
I drift in the ocean of void
A worm hole ******* the time out of my soul
The black lotus of the world unfolds
Everything happening before hasn't happened before
Relatively nothing means anything anymore
On the tides I ride
Black water splashing on my mind
This ocean I surf is endless
Pain and joy are separated with seconds

Earth was meant to be all water

I surf with a camera
Its black and white filter will portray the truth
I surf with a pen and a brush
The black canvas of my brain is a portrait of truth

Earth was meant to be all water

And sometimes I wish I could let myself drown
Instead of convincing myself to be a sophist with sophistry
I have not a death wish
But how easy it is to be sleeping forever under the sheets

Earth was a flaming ball before it became all water
Will I live to see the same salvation for my flaming soul?
It's seeping under my skin
Dancing in nothingness between
Irreplaceable beauty of harmony
Even with disgusting oily
Feels like a drunkard
Living the spring in fall
While it's falling flakes
Flakes of life, flakes of distress
Disappearance of a mandatoriness
It's seeping under my skin
The toxicity of uncertainty
Blindingly bright enlightening
Yet destructively disappointing
Like a cold shower of frustration
Like a suppressed determination
Fakely exhilarating
But depressing in practice
A resonating unreliability
They itch
Stalk you to death
Stuck in a death bed
Going eternally downhill
Still though they're
Still beautiful
Dancing among the flakes
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