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Over Aug 2019
His feet trembling
And my tongue sticking out
His breath numbered
Ant dancing in my hand

My blood too sweet
Heart wrinkled in cold sweat
Cold gaze on his face as
I constantly made him fret

His heart too sweet and
His blood to sour for my tongue
These ants too sour for
The blood on my palm

This skin too pale for
The radiance in his eyes
This chest too open
For someone to hide inside

Gave me his heart he who
Had none for himself
Took my blue heart and
Stuffed it into his chest

My eyes shift into focus
His chubby face is too dumb
The subway station too cold
My skin was too numb
Over Jul 2019
Here in the wasteland
Gazed with locked doors
The shadows of your frail body
Scared me
Imminent contagion
The land opened its mouth
To swallow the town
I would've felt bad for the mayor
If he had treated us with an ounce of respect
Our dry throats singing broken tones
Like a detuned string
Air comes out foul and distorted
The hymns were sang and
The souls ripe with hope
Instinctive motion
Of the universe
My gaze was extinguished
Over Apr 2019
The gentle spring breeze cuddles and caresses your skin
Sun bathes its light in the sea
And beyond the clouds lies the god's grin
To not be buried in all these pleasures
Is a sin

As the demons are born from metal pipes

The trees dance with the wind until their necks break
Sun bathes its light in the dirt
And beyond smoke and gas lies god's wake
Let us bury ourselves in all this pleasure
For our sake

As the demons are born from artificial volcanoes
Warm and filled with fiery toxins
Earth has evolved into a stranger form
And we were but an echo
Over Mar 2019
While plucking petals from the calendar
The asphalt still smells the same
The moon still shines sideways
And the green of trees is stale

While plucking petals from the calendar
The smoke still smells the same
Shadows still dance in alleyways
And the artificial light is faint

While plucking petals from the calendar
Liars still paint their tongues like peacocks
Colorful words still remain feather light
And a dead light is still bright at night

While plucking petals from the calendar
The days keep getting more and more slender
Hours are condensed into a jumbled cluster
And the ashes of past still smoulder
Over Mar 2019
What would happen
If a giant eye suddenly
existed in the sky
Watched us through its
bottomless iris?

What would happen
If the same giant eye
Suddenly started melting
And rained its moist mucus
On our frail beings?

What would happen
If eyes sprouted
From the mucus that
watered our body?

The eyes
Would serve as a crime
Against nature
But who are we
To define nature
What is nature to begin with?

What would happen
If the world changed
Beyond our control?


We either die
Or we co-exist
Over Mar 2019
I look back

Concepts orbiting in an isolated space
The empty air smells like uncertainty
Droning like distant dissonant shouts from outer space
A train of meaningless code flows life-likely
Through a pit in my stomach
The darkest black hole is an orb made of heaviest matter possible
Condensed and concentrated nothingness
It's track is not set on a straight line
Neither is it blurry
It's thin and wiggly
It's cut to a thousand pieces
Scattered through time and space
And I have built an empire upon it called life
And I know it will crumble under its own weight
Spikes of life called memories soar high on a brittle foundation
And at the core
Overloads and explodes
A single node
Overthinking and overheating until it blows
Functions recursively until it breaks
Nothing flows

I look back
Still nothing
Written while listening to "The Faust Tapes" by Faust
Over Mar 2019
Feel helpless
Ask for help
From the figureless man
Supposing he resides
Somewhere in the sky
With a giant
Helping hand
That only comes into existence
When you decide
When you feel your most selfish
When you cling most
To your meaningless life
Next time
Don't ask
Break the paradigm
Accept your fate
And die
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