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Sep 2016 · 738
New Found Awakening
I've been waiting for 4 years
Until today, I come to tears
As the band I idolize
Comes back to life
***! so gorillaz updated their website and have been posting pictures from phase 1 and tomzy theyre posting stuff from phase 2 and thursday stuff from phase 3! THEN THAT LEAVES FRIDAY FOR PHASE 4 AND HOPEFULLY A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! MAYBE THEYLL POST A SONG! SO EXCITED
Sep 2016 · 997
Stalker Eyes
your efforts to stop him are in vain
whatever you do he never refrains
from watching you from a distance
showing no resistance
to stop having his watchful eyes
follow you through the world of lies
everywhere you go
will he ever understand the word no?
so there's a stalker at my school...its really annoying cuz I told him I don't like him and to leave me alone yet he still follows me and if I stop walking, slow down, or go to a classroom to get something he'll stop too and stand there watching me...its creepy...
Sep 2016 · 285
List Part 1
Welcome to this friendly desert community
Take in the fresh hazelnut smell
As you get lost in this mystifyingly beautiful town
Do you dare go to the library to learn about our history
Written by lizards and cuttlefish?
Listen to the larks as they scream
Lurking in the trees
Don't be fooled by Robert
Who sends out anglican pheromones
Put the halters on top of deers
To stop their egalitarian anarchist ways
The hardware's lasers signal the feral dogs
To howl into the vacuum of nothingness
so in welcome to nightvale (a podcast about a desert town where strange stuff happens) there was a list that everyone had to remember. i wanted to write a poem containing the words from the list and put them in the order they were said. its kind of hard since they're random...i decided to split the list up into different poems so it'll be easier for me. the first part of the list i used was:
Hazelnut, Mystify, Cuttlefish, Lark, Lurk, Robert, Anglican, Pheromone, Halter, Top, Marmalade, Hardware, Laser
Sep 2016 · 174
Left On Read
where'd you go?
my friend
my will to live
I've been having trouble
with my mind
with my thoughts
I miss those days where it was just us
all alone
all satisfied
now all you do is ignore me
you left me behind
you left your home behind
I told you my secrets
yet do you even care?
do you even remember?
found others more worthy of your time?
while I sit here waiting
wasting mine
text after text
all night, I'll wait for your reply

left on read
I find it easier to write my emotions out in poem style. I just miss my friend
Sep 2016 · 2.3k
Binary Code
gender = input("male or female: ?")

def binary:
    if gender == "male" or "female":
        print("born with hex codes
        printed for all to see
        blue or red
        sticking to the binary
        hardwares dictate who you are
        produce more to strengthen security
        ignore black hat delusions
        DON'T reject this false unity
        01110011 01101111 01110011")
    if gender != "male" or "female":
        print("404 ERROR NOT FOUND")
Sep 2016 · 1.3k
painted closets
paintbrush flows,  patterns unfold
occupied hours, the doors closed
hidden in plain sight
both a comfort and a weekness until
little black tablets make a colored world
turn down transparency so you can be seen

on the screen colors
are arranged so
rainbow connections
bring you closer to who you truly are
so embrace your new found colors
in this colorless existence

make a new layer
draw another line
pixel by pixel it all comes into place
blurring into existence
pixie wings and pictorial symphonies
swing open closets
I'm coming out
aaah so I haven't been on in a year! so much has happened! so many new poems to make! this one I've been working on for a few days. Imma keep coming back to it and fixing it up because I really like this one
Mar 2015 · 142
as lifes once beauty begins to rot
so will living, the less you'll want
and as the days pass
this ones slumber will forever last
Feb 2015 · 394
A withering flower isolated from the others
In this crumbling vase it stands alone
Oblivious to it no one bothers
Always forgotten it should have known
Deceiving roses catch their eyes
Claiming them as their own
Thrown in the garbage the flower will lie
What they're after is what is shown
Feb 2015 · 281
The Darkness
The light always fades
It never seems to stay
The dark is drawing near
Leaving people in fear
They quiver and shake in its presence
Soon enough they'll befriend it
Try and try with all their might
But in the end, they'll never win this fight
There's no point in running away
From the darkness that's here to stay

— The End —